Six Pack Surgery

Six Pack Surgery

Abdominal fat, which disrupts an ideal aesthetic appearance, is a big problem for most people. This problem is usually tried to get rid of with strict diet and exercises. However, in some cases, it is not enough to do diet and exercise to melt the fat in the abdomen. Because some of them, due to their genetic structure or the functioning of their metabolism, cannot get rid of abdominal fat even though they have a very strict diet and exercise. In this problem in men, six pack surgery comes into play. So, what exactly is this abdominal aesthetic surgery, how is it done?

What is Six Pack Surgery?

Six pack surgery, also known as “sixpack abdominal muscle aesthetics”, is an aesthetic surgery. The abdominal muscles, located between the belly button and the chest area, are excessively lubricated in some conditions. This muscle group is called two back, while women have one on each side of the abdominal line. In males, on the other hand, the abdominal muscles are 6 in number and resemble the shape of a lozenge; Its name is six pack. Excessive lubrication of this muscle spoils the fit appearance. The aesthetic intervention that men prefer to get rid of this problem is given this name, which is the same as the abdominal muscle.

After the six pack surgery, which is one of the most preferred aesthetic operations by men, there is no scar in the area. Because the procedures are carried out completely in accordance with aesthetic principles. The purpose of this surgery is to achieve a more fit and youthful appearance. For those who cannot achieve such a fit appearance with exercise or diet, a clear and permanent contour is created in the abdominal region thanks to this operation. However, in order for it to be permanent, it is necessary to abandon unhealthy lifestyle habits. Otherwise, the result of the operation will fail and the operation will not be permanent.

Who Can Have Six Pack Surgery?

This aesthetic operation, which is preferred by those who want to have a muscular, athletic, dynamic and fit appearance, cannot be applied to everyone. Because there are some criteria that the person to be applied must meet. Otherwise, some complications may develop after the operation. In addition, every operation, even if it is very small, has the risk of developing complications. Being aware of this fact before surgery helps to have a conscious process. If we list who can have six pack surgery:

  • Those over the age of 18 who have completed their development,
  • Those who cannot reach the desired abdominal muscle with strict exercises and diets,
  • Those who do not have a health condition that is not suitable for anesthesia and surgery,
  • Those who have a chronic disease and are approved after being checked by a doctor,
  • Those who do not have blood and bleeding diseases can do this procedure.

After checking whether those who want to have this aesthetic surgery meet the above conditions, the surgery approval is given. In some cases, it should be checked that it provides these health conditions with the necessary examinations and tests. For those younger than 18 years of age, it is not appropriate to perform such an operation, as the development has not yet been completed. In addition, the average age of those who have undergone this plastic surgery is generally over 30. Because after this age, the metabolism slows down and the abdominal region starts to get fat. Therefore, this procedure is a surgical solution for the lubrication problem experienced by the person.

How is Six Pack Surgery Performed?

Six pack surgery, which is a painless operation, is performed on the basis of fat removal (liposuction) and fat addition processes. No prosthesis or implant is used in this surgical intervention. Excess fat is extracted from the areas with excess fat and injected into the abdominal muscles. Thus, a sixpack abdominal muscle image is obtained. In addition, in some cases, skin collection or tummy tuck operations can also be applied additionally.

During the six pack surgery, this fat addition process is performed in accordance with the shape of the muscles. The insertion process is applied to the areas where the abdominal muscles usually bend. During this operation, which can be performed under general or local anesthesia, there is no need to make any incisions or stitches, as thin cannulas are inserted under the skin. Therefore, it changes from person to person after the operation. After the operation, it starts to show its effects between 3 months and 1 year. However, this period varies from person to person.

Things to Consider Before and After Six Pack Surgery

Like every surgical operation, there are things to be done and paid attention to before and after six pack surgery. Paying attention to these will prevent possible complications. It also provides faster recovery after surgery. In addition, it has positive contributions to the success of the result obtained. Some of the things to consider are as follows:

  • Before the operation, blood thinning food and medication should be avoided.
  • Depending on the type of anesthesia, you should fast for as long as the doctor recommends before the operation.
  • It is necessary to stay under control in the hospital for the period determined after the operation.
  • After the operation, the corset should be used as recommended by the specialist.
  • Care should be taken not to gain or lose weight after the operation.
  • Heavy lifting and strenuous exercises should be avoided for the specified time. This period is usually the first 15 days.
  • You should avoid alcohol and cigarette consumption after the operation. Because nicotine delays the healing process. Alcohol, on the other hand, adversely affects the natural clotting ability of the blood, causing bleeding.
  • After the procedure, you should pay attention to the exercise and diet as shown after the time specified by the specialist.
  • Stress, sadness and compelling psychological and physical conditions should be avoided during the recovery period.
  • Environments with risk of infection should be avoided.

Paying attention to all these issues before and after the operation is an important criterion for the success of the operation. In addition, it is a decisive factor that the procedure is performed by a surgeon who is specialized in this field. In addition, swelling and edema can be seen in the first week after surgery. If necessary, the drugs given by the specialist should be consumed. In this way, you can easily overcome possible complaints after the operation.

When Does Six Pack Surgery Show Its Effect?

The success of abdominal muscle aesthetics is closely related to the fact that the procedure is performed by an expert plastic surgeon. Because this is the key value in the success of the operation. In addition, there are other factors that affect the recovery time and results. For example, the age of the person who underwent surgery, general health status, and the degree of meticulousness shown to what needs to be taken care of after the surgery are among the determining criteria.

The recovery time after this aesthetic operation is usually very fast. The bandage wrapped around the abdomen plays a major role in this process. Therefore, you should use the corset or bandage for the time and in the manner determined by the specialist. In addition, the targeted fit body shape begins to form within 7-10 days. However, you should avoid activities that will spoil the appearance of muscles and weight gain. In addition, you should pay attention to what the specialist doctor says in order to avoid infection. Especially if the diet and exercises are done as recommended by the expert, the dreamed sixpack abdominal muscles begin to form after a short time. However, it usually takes 3 months to achieve the exact look you want.

In summary, six pack surgery; It is an alternative and practical way to achieve this goal for men who cannot achieve the fit appearance they desire with diet and exercises. Some people cannot prevent fat accumulation, no matter how hard they diet and exercise. For these people, this operation is an operation that gives results in a short time. Moreover, the risk of developing complications is extremely low, with no stitches or incisions being made. If you want to reveal the diamond shape in your abdominal muscles and look fit and healthy, you can gather information about six pack surgery. With the help of an expert, you can get the fit look you want.



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Six Pack Surgery

Six Pack Surgery Abdominal fat, which disrupts an ideal aesthetic appearance, is a big problem for most people. This problem is usually tried to get

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