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Aesthetic Surgery: FAQ

The first step is that you must reach our contact line to set up an online consultation, and you will receive a diagnosis indicating whether you are a suitable patient for the surgery. Next, you will need to choose your Istanbul travel dates to plan the appointment with the surgeon and your Istanbul itinerary.

As you may know, Turkey is famous for health tourism, which is why you should be sure of the medical center you choose. Knowing this, you should take into account the following recommendations: ask for the diplomas and work history of your surgeon, make sure that your procedure will be done in a certified hospital, ask for before and after photos of other patients, and finally check social media like Facebook, Instagram and YouTube to learn more about their experiences.

No, you don’t have to come with someone. Usually our patients come alone and our team at Dr Can Aesthetic welcomes them and takes care of all their needs. We organize all medical services and appointments, as well as support services like accommodation and transportation from your arrival until your departure.

After your surgery, you will directly have an appointment with our doctor who will provide you with all the medications and recommendations necessary for easy recovery after surgery. From the moment you are back in your country, we will continue to have an online follow-up of your case. You can contact our line at your convenience.

Many of our patients worry that if surgery is performed in Turkey, would they have insurance abroad for postoperative complications? In the case of cosmetic surgeries, one of the main complications of these operations is leakage. An emergency leak, which can occur within the first 48 hours after the operation, is a kind of complication due to tissue healing. But as during this time you will still be in Istanbul, our medical team will take care of you immediately.

As you can see, you don’t have to worry about postoperative risks; and remember that even when you are back in your country, you can contact us 24/7 on our hotline via WhatsApp.

Before coming to Istanbul, you will need to contact us 2-3 weeks before your estimated dates. This will allow us at Dr Can Aesthetic to check our availability, schedule your appointment with the doctor, and plan your medical and travel itinerary. The length of your stay in Istanbul may vary depending on the surgery, however at Dr. Can Aesthetic we always recommend that our patients should plan to stay about 8 to 10 days.


Facial Aesthetic Surgery

Nose Aesthetic Surgery (Rhinoplasty)

The nose is one of the most important organs both aesthetically and functionally. Therefore, surgery may be necessary due to aesthetic concerns or health problems related to the structure of the nose. Depending on the patient’s requirements, procedures such as refining the tip of the nose, changing the length of the nose and the angle of the nose and face, reshaping the nasal hump, downscaling of the nose and correcting breathing problems are possible depending on the patient’s needs. Every patient has a different nose shape, therefore, for each patient a special surgical plan is developed. The result that is best suited to the anatomy of the person’s face is sought. With two different modalities, called ‘endonasal’ and ‘external’, either the inside of the nose or the tip of the nose is cut and sutured. If a nasal procedure, a reduction of the nasal wings or a reduction of the tip of the nose is necessary, these modifications to shape the nose are performed together.

The objective of nose reshaping is to provide proportion with the facial features and to optimize inhalation. Symptoms such as bruises or panicles that appear after the operation disappear very quickly in about a week.


Face And Neck Lift

Due to the pace of life nowadays, and due to advanced age, stress and nutrition-related wrinkles can appear on the face and neck. The reduction of fat and muscle tissue under the skin of the face and neck leads to skin abiotrophy, wrinkles and a tired appearance. Rejuvenation methods aim to solve these problems and achieve effective and permanent results. In addition to eyelids, neck, face, and wrinkles around the eyes; prolapse can also be treated.

Cuts behind the ears and in the roots of the hair are made with internal sutures, in order to treat the face and neck, with the aim of not causing permanent scars to the patient. When necessary, the face is shaped using methods such as skin removal or fat injection. It is expected that the patient will continue his or her normal life in as little as one week.

Eye,Eyebrow And Forehead Surgery

Factors such as nutrition, radiation, hormones, or overactive facial muscles cause aging and wrinkles in the supraorbital region, the forehead and eyebrow area. Crow’s feet, wrinkles in the forehead and eyebrow area, and bags on the eyelids cause the person to look tired. In order to reduce this appearance, procedures such as endoscopic eyebrow elevation, forehead treatment, forehead and temporal distension, eyelid surgery, or removal of bags under the eyes can be planned individually or treated together. Forehead distension surgery can be performed endoscopically, thus minimizing the risk of permanent scarring. During the operation, small cuts are made behind the hairline; this method is preferred especially in operations that do not require tissue removal.

Fat Injection

Fat injection is one of the most common methods to increase the volume of the face and body. It is practiced on collapsed areas of the cheeks, chin, but also hips and legs. Fat belonging to the patient himself is made injectable using special methods, and is injected into the chosen part of the body using a cannula. The fat usually comes from the belly and hips. As the fat is absorbed by the body, the process can be planned to be repeated after a certain amount of time. As with other injectors, fat is usually removed using liposuction injectors. Since there are no cuts or sutures, there is no risk of marks. In addition, local anesthesia is also practiced.

Breast Aesthetic Surgery

Breast Augmentation

Breast augmentation surgery is generally performed in women who feel that their breasts are too small, non-proportional, or to regulate volume depletion after breastfeeding. For breast enlargement surgery, methods of fat injection and silicon prosthesis are used. The method to be used is decided according to the patient’s condition and needs.

Breast Reduction

Overly large or sagging breasts after breastfeeding can cause several problems for many women. These problems are varied: posture defects, shoulder pain, back pain, skin rashes under the breast, etc… In addition, having large breasts during adolescence can cause psychological problems. After detailed examinations (hormonal disorder, continued breast growth, volume, etc.) the decision to intervene is made. In breast reduction surgery, different methods are practiced. The objective is to obtain the best result for both aesthetics and health. During the operation, the sensitivity of the nipple and the protection of the milk ducts are taken into account.


Mastopexy is generally practiced to reduce a deformity that appears following significant weight loss after pregnancy and breastfeeding. How the surgery is performed is determined with the patient. The nipple and sagging tissue are reshaped. The vertical and T-shaped marks that appear during surgery become white within a few months. In mastopexy, the excess skin is removed, not the tissue. For this reason, in case of fat and tissue loss, the prosthesis can be implanted with mastopexy.


Due to an increase in estrogen, hormonal disorders or side effects of certain types of drugs used in the treatment of lung cancer, for example, it is possible to see breast augmentation in men. This is called gynecomastia or gynecomasty. If there is lipoidosis in the breasts as a result of being overweight, it is called fake gynecomastia. The reason for gynecomastia is diagnosed, then treatment is planned according to its stage – 1st stage: self-limited; 2nd stage: larger breasts have formed; 3rd stage: sagging. In the first and second cases, liposuction may be sufficient. It can be treated by removing the mammary gland. In the third case, in addition to these procedures, skin removal is performed.


Body Aesthetic Surgery

Waist Reduction Surgery

Having a slim waist is one of the most important factors for an aesthetic female body. A person may require waist reduction surgery due to a sagging appearance after weight loss or overweight. An abdominoplasty is performed in the area between the patient’s inguinal and rib area when the patient is under general anesthesia. One of the most important points to consider is that rib removal surgery is not performed during the operation. If necessary, excess skin and fat in the belly can be removed.

Abdominal Lift

An abdominal lift is performed for the regeneration of a flabby belly or sagging skin muscles that usually form in the hypogastric area. Depending on the patient’s condition, either the abdomen is considered as a whole, or a partial distension is performed. It is a method that is mainly practiced in women who have given birth or people who have a prolapse problem due to significant weight loss. The fundamental goal of this operation is not to make people lose weight, but to solve their problem with specific parts of their body.


Eliminating fat by vacuum, in other words liposuction consists of absorbing fat using special cannulas. If necessary, the fat removed is re-injected into other areas. This method can be performed on all parts of the body. In women, it is practiced mainly on the belly, hips and legs and in men on the belly and chest areas. On this point, it is important to emphasize that the goal of the operation is not to lose weight but to support the weight loss process. The prolapsed skin after the liposuction operation must be removed by additional methods. Once the patient’s condition and needs have been identified, the areas of intervention are determined.

Liposuction surgeries now include liposhaper, ultrasound liposuction and laser liposuction.

Hip Aesthetic Surgery

Hip Aesthetics

Having well-formed hips is one of the most important aesthetic elements in a woman’s body. Most women want well-shaped, straight and smooth hips. Not only women, but also men want well-formed hips.

Gluteoplasty – the operation changes according to the patient’s needs: buttock implant placement, hip tightening, mastopexy and reduction are available among the procedures. Adipose tissue can be removed from the patient, intensified and re-injected in order to plump up the hips. If this is not sufficient, silicone prosthesis can be implanted.

For remodeling in people affected by weight loss, skin is removed from the hips and posterior lift is performed by endoscopy.



Bichectomy Fats, which are the source of chubby cheeks that are squeezed at  a young age, become an aesthetic problem as the age progresses. This


Six Pack Surgery

Six Pack Surgery Abdominal fat, which disrupts an ideal aesthetic appearance, is a big problem for most people. This problem is usually tried to get

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