What are Aesthetic Operations? How is it done?

What are Aesthetic Operations? How is it done?

The perception of beauty is something that changes according to society and period. This perception, which also changes according to one’s own lifestyle and way of thinking, has always preserved its existence no matter how much time has developed. Every person has a different physical appearance. But not everyone likes the way it looks. That’s why plastic surgery has emerged.

Aesthetic; It is a title that collects the surgical intervention on the human body. There are different types of aesthetics that the person can apply to every part of his body that he does not like. These types enable the person to have a better one by eliminating the features that he sees as a defect in his body.

In the past, many ideas about aesthetics were just prejudice. The fact that aesthetics has a permanent feature was the biggest reason for the formation of this prejudice. The permanence of the changes made on the person’s body causes the aesthetics to become frightening at some point. In addition, the mishaps experienced during some aesthetic operations are among the reasons for the increase in these thoughts.

However, this thought has been diluted over time. The development of technology has an effective role in this. Many surgical operations, including aesthetics, are now much safer thanks to technological opportunities. The concreteness of this trust emerges with the increase in the number of people using aesthetic methods.

An important point about aesthetics is that anyone who wants to have a chance to benefit from these treatments. Regardless of man or woman, everyone has the right to use whatever method they want. One of the important things that are handled during the use of these methods is the person’s body structure and health.

A person who applies to aesthetic methods, which is now seen as a health service, should not have a problem in terms of health. Because beauty comes before health. Some of the aesthetic methods offer health and beauty together. But this situation depends on the type of aesthetic applied by the person.

Imperfections in the body vary according to the discomfort that the person feels and the perception of beauty. Therefore, this situation provides diversification of aesthetic types. Thanks to many different types, a person gets the opportunity to get rid of many troubles in his body.

Aesthetic operations, which are surgical interventions, are performed on the face, trunk, legs and many more. When you dig deeper into these processes, it is possible to discover more about them.

How Are Aesthetic Operations Performed?

Some defects that disrupt the integrity of the person’s body, disturb him psychologically or cause serious problems physically are resolved by aesthetic operations . Aesthetic methods that mostly make a permanent change on the body include all the procedures done to make the person feel more comfortable.

People sometimes don’t like the shape of their noses. On their faces, they think their noses are too big or too long. Maybe they even have trouble breathing because of this uncomfortable shape of their noses. Or some women complain about the size of their breasts. Being too big or small affects the social life of the woman and spoils her physical posture. Or, after an extreme weight loss, sagging skin starts to bother people. These and similar problems are all problems that can be solved by aesthetic methods.

All kinds of body disorders that cause the person to feel insecure and uncomfortable have the chance to be treated with aesthetics. Of course, for this, the person should not have an obstacle to any surgical intervention. If the person is healthy, there is no problem in performing the plastic surgery. The problem that will be solved after a surgical intervention allows the person to live his life more happily. Because physical appearance and comfort inevitably affect the psychology of the person. And with the possibilities of developing technology, this problem is solved in a more practical way.

Surgery, aesthetic or not, is an idea that scares most people. Some of the surgical methods, which are now much safer, have also gained a non-surgical form thanks to technology. Thus, aesthetic operations are divided into two as surgical and non-surgical. Both methods contain different types of services. While knife intervention is necessary for some of the operations applied to different parts of the body, for some it is not.

Aesthetics Made with Surgery

Aesthetic methods that require surgical intervention are performed under general anesthesia. These surgeries, in which the person is completely unconscious, usually include types such as chest, nose, and abdominal aesthetics. In these surgeries, where intense attention and detailed procedures are required, it aims to present the chest, nose or abdomen to the patient as desired.

In these surgeries, the shape of the organ handled is changed, but its structure is not touched. This is because most of these organs have an important function in human life. For example, when placing an implant in the chest for augmentation during a breast aesthetic, the surgeon does not touch the milk ducts and muscles in the chest. Thus, the breast not only changes size, but also preserves its structure.

Some of the aesthetics performed by surgery are also divided into types. The nose benefits from aesthetic procedures with open or closed methods. The breast, on the other hand, has the chance to benefit from different aesthetic services such as enlargement, lift and reduction.

Aesthetic operations performed with surgical intervention have a great advantage as they are permanent. As long as there is no change in the person’s body due to himself or an external factor, the result of this operation protects himself for life.

Non-Surgical Aesthetics

Aesthetic treatments differ according to the applied area. In some, surgery is necessary, in others it is not. The only condition for a method to be an operation is not the application of a surgical incision. Some situations, such as getting up and going home immediately after the treatment, and being awake during the intervention, also determine whether the aesthetic is surgery or not.

Methods such as treatments on the teeth, hair transplantation, liposuction are included under the name of non-surgical aesthetic operations . During dental aesthetics, the patient is awake, only his mouth becomes numb with the help of needles. However, in some dental treatment methods, there are incisions just like surgery. But they are not very big. The cuts made for the implant are in the size of the titanium screw that is put in place of the tooth. For example, during the degreasing process, the cuts made to the extent that the vacuum absorbs the oil are small. These are small touches that do not require stitches and do not leave permanent marks on the person’s body.

Non-surgical aesthetic methods are also aimed at changing the shape. The appearance of the tooth changes. With the removal of fat, the person looks weaker. With hair transplantation, the person gets thicker hair. But it doesn’t take much time for these processes to heal or completely take shape. The patient, who has the opportunity to go home in the evening of the day it is applied, achieves the desired appearance much faster.

With or without surgery, aesthetic operations are methods that give people the chance to achieve the look they dream of. Some of these operations allow the person to breathe more easily, some of them help them to have stronger teeth. Some allow the person to move more freely. Sometimes it helps to get rid of excess weight and live a healthier life. It succeeds in presenting health to the person with a beautiful appearance with many aesthetic methods under all conditions.

Moreover, thanks to aesthetics, the person reaches a healthier position psychologically. The self-confidence and satisfaction provided by a pleasant appearance feeds the mental health of the person. The person says hello to a happy life thanks to the aesthetic methods that allow him to get rid of the flaws he does not like.



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