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The first step is to reach our communication line so that your online consultation can be made according to your situation. In order to know if you are a suitable patient for treatment, you can send us a dental film taken within the last 6 months, if any, and your mouth photos as we requested from you. If you do not have a dental film taken in the last 6 months, you can request a free online consultation by sending your dental photos as requested by us. If we agree after the consultation, we start talking about your arrival and return dates to make your appointment with the dentist and your travel plan in Istanbul.
As you know, Turkey is famous for health tourism, but you should be sure of the medical center you choose. Knowing this, you should consider the following suggestions: You can inquire about your dentist’s diplomas and professional background, you can be sure that your procedure will be performed in a Certified Hospital or dental clinic, you can request before and after photos of other patients. You can learn about your doctor’s experiences on social media such as Facebook, Instagram, Google and YouTube.
No, you are not required a companion for dental procedures. Usually our patients come alone and as Dr. Can Aesthetic team, we meet them and take care of their needs one-on-one. We gladly organize all medical services and appointments from your arrival to your departure, as well as the other services such as accommodation and transportation. However, we also have promotional accommodation opportunities for our patients who want to come with a companion. Our sales consultants will inform you about this.
After your surgery or treatment, you will have an appointment with our dentist who will provide you with all the medicines and recommendations for a successful recovery and excellent results. From the moment you return to your country, we will continue your process with online tracking. You can contact our hotline 24/7 at any time and ask any questions you have in mind.
Before you come to Istanbul, you must notify us by contacting our line at least 15 days before your estimated dates. Early reservations allow Dr. Can Aesthetic team to check the availability of appointments, and plan your accommodation, transfer and medical travel. Although the length of stay in Istanbul may vary according to the treatment, as Dr. Can Aesthetic, we always recommend our patients to stay in Istanbul for a minimum of 3 days on weekdays. As you can see you do not need to worry for postoperative risks, on the other hand remember that even when you are back in your country you can contact us 24/7 in our support line.

Hollywood Smile

Dental aesthetics has become one of the most preferred applications in facial rejuvenation and general aesthetic procedures in recent years. An aesthetic smile with white teeth is a look that everyone prefers. In this area, it is now possible to have personalized aesthetic smiles without pain and surgery with modern technology. In order to look healthier and more positive in your social environment, it is quite easy to achieve oral aesthetics as a result of applying one or more treatments together. Smile design is a treatment specific to the person and it is the whole treatment or treatment recommended by dentists to make the person feel happy and to have a healthy and natural appearance, taking into account all physical characteristics. Some of the most preferred of these processes are as follows. For further examination, diagnosis and treatment, you can get information from our consultants and make an online consultation with our dentists.


When it comes to natural appearance in dental aesthetics, the first thing that comes to mind is smooth and white teeth. White teeth are also an indicator of health and naturalness. The reasons why people prefer this application is that over time, the color of their teeth has turned yellow for various reasons or the color is structurally close to yellow tones. Especially people with structurally yellow teeth, brushing or simple methods cannot make their teeth look whiter. The most effective and permanent method for people whose teeth are yellow or have turned yellow over time is teeth whitening. This process is performed by dentists using a number of chemical materials on the tooth surface. Teeth whitening, which is indispensable for an aesthetic smile, is a painless and non-surgical treatment.


Porcelain Laminated

Another element that should be in an aesthetic smile is that the teeth are smooth and regular. Laminated veneer is a very preferred type of veneer made on the deformities or broken parts of the teeth. This treatment, which is specially prepared for the person and the smile, is called Laminated porcelain veneer or leaf porcelain. During this treatment, no action is taken that will cause loss of the tooth surface, such as abrasion or filing of the person’s own teeth. It is one of the most preferred treatment methods with its light permeability and durability despite its thinness. We apply this treatment in cases such as;

  • In teeth with trapezoidal shape and structure
  • To bring unequal length teeth to equal length and to create a more aesthetic appearance.
  • Color tone in yellowed teeth
  • In cases where the middle of the front two teeth is split or the distance between any two teeth is not equal
  • When you are not satisfied with the composition of the teeth
  • Caries of anterior incisors
  • In patients whose bleaching does not give the desired image

Full Aesthetic Porcelain Crowns

It is a kind of coating that has been used for a long time to provide dental aesthetics in people. However, in the previous period, this application was applied to the tooth after the tooth was filed and a metal structure was attached. As a result of such an application, the appearance cannot be exactly the desired tooth naturalness. In today’s porcelain applications, it is possible to achieve the desired healthy and natural appearance by using only porcelain or zirconium.


Implant Applications

Implant applications are an effective method for one or more lost teeth. It is an application that can give the natural appearance of one’s own tooth in a structure and form that will replace the own tooth that the person has lost. Today, implants now look quite natural and healthy. It is recommended that this prosthesis application is often applied together with zirconium coating. It is one of the most frequently preferred treatments in dental aesthetics in terms of eliminating the unesthetic appearance that may occur from tooth loss and at the same time ensuring the integrity of the teeth in the mouth.

Gum Aesthetics (Pink Aesthetics) (Gingivoplasty)

Another issue that many people complain about is the appearance of the gums as well as the teeth of the person while smiling. It is quite easy to change this unaesthetic appearance. Thanks to the new era laser applications, we recommend this treatment, which has a very short and painless recovery period, to our patients. Thus, we prevent the appearance of the gums (gummy smile), which is more visible than the tooth that may occur during smiling.


Composite Bonding Applications

It is one of the simplest short-term solutions that can be applied to many problems such as inequality of form in the anterior incisors, split teeth, structural crookedness, caries, broken teeth, which we do not want for an aesthetic smile. The most important part of this treatment is to make the appropriate composite filling that will adapt to the existing teeth of the person in terms of form, light transmittance, color and structure. It is one of the most preferred treatments for dental aesthetics in terms of the simplicity of the treatment and the ease of getting results.


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