Hair Transplant Technique


How Do We Decide Your Hair Transplant Technique?

The technique suitable for each patient may be different. Our consultants will explain to you the technique that we specially recommend for you, the characteristics of that technique and why it is a more suitable technique for you, after the doctor consultations we carry out free of charge. However, if your request and recommended different procedures, after talking to our doctor, if there is no medical obstacle, we can show you the pros and cons of that operation. In every medical treatment, personalized treatments can be applied, as well as in hair transplantation, personalized treatments are recommended.

FUE Technique

The problem of hair loss, which is predominantly considered a male problem, can be solved permanently with certain methods applied by experts using advanced technological equipment. When it comes to hair transplantation, one of the techniques that provides a permanent solution is follicular unit extraction (FUE). First of all, the patient’s hair is analyzed and the donor area and the recipient area is determined. Hair follicles are taken with a micro-tipped tool from two areas behind the ears on the neck, which are genetically coded not to fall off. This operation is performed painlessly while the patient is under the local anesthesia, if necessary, it can also be done with general anesthesia or sedation. The follicles are then placed in the micro canals opened in the bald area of the head in accordance with the natural growth direction of the hair. With the techniques developed so far, many roots can be taken at once, thus increasing the success of the operation.

Unshaven FUE Technique

The hair transplantation technique in which the FUE technique is applied and all the hair is not shaved is called the “Unshaven FUE Technique”. It is done by not completely shaving the donor area. It is applied only by shaving the area to be planted or by not shaving the planting area at all. This technique is used in patients who have concerns about the aesthetic appearance after surgery. 3 months after the application of this technique, which allows the patients to return to their normal life in a very short time, new hair begins to grow and the patients regains their healthy hair within 1 year.

Sapphire FUE Technique

Today, Sapphire FUE technique is the most popular hair transplant technique in Turkey and in the world. This technique is applied with the sapphire blade technology developed by professionals and is based on faster healing of the opened canals. The most important aspect of this technique is the use of sapphire as the base material for micro-canal opening tools. With this technique, more success is achieved compared to standard FUE. Sapphire FUE technique is an outpatient and non-invasive surgical procedure that removes hair follicles one by one, leaving a natural appearance in the donor area. It is an advanced technique that minimizes scarring and postoperative period since there are no stitches, and allows the treatment of small and medium-sized areas.

To summarize: Sapphire FUE is implemented just like Standard FUE, but it has some advantages thanks to the sapphire blades.

  • Sapphire blades do not lose their sharpness,
  • Tissue Trauma risk is minimal,
  • No circulation problems,
  • Minimum risk of infection and allergy,
  • Faster healing process,
  • More intensive implantation opportunity compared to the FUE Metal slit technique,
  • Minimal edema occurs after surgery. Because less liquid is injected under the skin compared to the metal slit technique.

DHI Technique

The DHI technique is another technique used in hair transplantation and is also known as the pen technique. The patient’s hair is analyzed, the concentration of follicles in the donor area is determined, and the number of follicles is calculated. Follicles collected by using micro-tools are placed on the scalp using an “implant pen”. When the patient is under the local anesthesia, the pen type is selected according to the thickness of the hair. Since this technique is applied without opening any canals, it is the technique with the shortest healing process and does not cause crusting. The application of this technique makes it possible to place closer follicles and it is easier to direct the direction of the hair thanks to the use of a pen. It has a fast recovery process and it is one of the most preferred techniques.

Hair Transplantation with Fat Injection

Fat injection is a method with tissue regeneration feature that has been used in various medical applications in various joint and cartilage tissue treatments for a long time. It is taken from the person’s own body with the help of a thin cannula in the operating room environment, from areas with high fat content such as waist, abdomen, inner leg, by liposuction method. The fat go through a special filtering process in  laboratory and are brought together with the person’s renewable cells and injected into the hair transplant area. It has the ability to renew, nourish and reproduce the organs in the area where it is injected. When injected into the hair transplant area, the hair density of the person increases perfectly without any side effects and without using a chemical or cosmetic product. It nourishes the transplanted skin and facilitates the attachment of the transplanted follicles. Since the procedure is performed under sedation, the person will not feel any pain or pain.

Sedasyon İle Uyutularak Saç Ekimi

Hair Transplant with Sedation

Hair Transplant with Sedation Hair transplantation is an operation that everyone can demand from woman to man. You want to have a natural appearance after

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