Tummy Tuck

Tummy Tuck

The process of removing the sagging and fatty tissue in the lower part of the abdomen is called a tummy tuck. This process has been widely used recently. Stretching procedures, preferred by those who want to look more fit, are performed by plastic surgeons.

Abdominal and belly aesthetics have become one of the most preferred procedures in our country. The work is successfully completed by utilizing the advanced technologies used in the stretching operation. This surgery, called abdominoplasty, prevents sagging in the abdomen. The operation is performed with simple methods through plastic surgery.

Sagging skin under the abdomen can make you look physically unappealing. Abdominoplasty is used to remove the appearance of excess skin. Thus, while excess fat is removed from the abdomen, the area is also flattened. Stretch marks in the lower part of the belly button are destroyed after the procedure.

What is Abdominoplasty?

Abdominal fat causes sagging over time. Although methods such as sports and diet are applied, the sagging under the abdomen does not go away. In such cases, one of the most ideal solutions is a tummy tuck operation. It is a very effective method for eliminating the deformation experienced by women after childbirth. At the same time, men also prefer this procedure. In this way, the bad appearance in the belly area is removed and, the old appearance is easily restored.

With umbilical stretching, the excess in the area is removed and it is ensured to be flat. However, there are some complications for those who undergo these procedures. These complications include subcutaneous fluid accumulation (seroma) and bleeding. In some cases, there is a possibility of encountering problems such as infection. In this case, the medicines given by the physician must be used and one must not take any other medications without consulting their physician. At the same time, you should avoid sudden movements and change the wound dressing as often as your surgeon deems necessary.

How Does Abdominoplasty Work?

People who are disturbed by the appearance in the abdomen apply for the tummy tuck service, which is the most effective method. People who decide to have this application wonder how tummy tuck surgery will be. The operation process proceeds as follows:

  • An examination is performed by a specialist physician in the area where the skin will be taken.
  • The surgical process is determined after the examination of the radiological images taken.
  • During the operation, an incision is made starting from the abdomen and going towards the sides.
  • The sagging fat tissue up to the belly button is removed. Stretching is performed up to the navel hole.
  • Gathering stitches to the abdominal wall cause both tightening and restoring of the muscles.

After these procedures are done sequentially, the last aesthetic intervention is performed. Corrections are made so that the person’s abdomen does not look bad.

Since it is an extremely effective method, problems such as cracks and sagging are completely eliminated. However, the most important issue for those who will have this procedure done is whether there will be such a problem again later. While it is rare that you will encounter such a situation again under normal conditions, such problems may reappear in cases such as post-pregnancy.

How Many Months Does Tummy Tuck Heal?

Abdominoplasty recovery time is one of the important issues for people who will benefit from the operation. Therefore, they look for an answer in how many months this process will heal. In fact, it is not possible to give a clear time frame for recovery. This is somewhat dependent on the operating conditions.

Patients are discharged after staying in the hospital environment for 1-2 days. Patients who have undergone abdominal stretching are told to use a corset for 1 month by the doctor. Because in this process, if the use of corsets is done regularly, it is possible to reach the desired form very easily. If you have done everything as it should be, you will be satisfied with your image in front of the mirror.

Is Abdominoplasty Painful?

There are a lot of questions about tummy tuck surgery. Undoubtedly, among these issues, the most curious issue is what the level of pain will be after the stretching procedure in the abdominal region. Many people avoid resorting to this treatment, assuming that it may be too painful. However, abdominal stretching is not a very painful procedure. So you don’t have to worry about pain. Since this operation is performed under general anesthesia, there is no pain. For this reason, patients can return to their routine without feeling pain during and after the surgery.

Will Stretch Marks Go away with Tummy Tuck?

Stretching surgeries are very popular today because the stretch marks in the abdomen are unfortunately not a pleasant sight. Most people are not satisfied with stretch marks in the abdomen. These people want to have a flat stomach.

Some people experience loss of self-confidence just because of the cracked appearance. However, even if there is such a problem, there is a tummy tuck procedure, which is one of the methods developed to solve the problems.

It is possible for the stretch marks to go away thanks to the tummy tuck procedure. Of course, this is not possible only with the operation. After the stretching operation is successfully completed, the patient should prepare a diet program and exercise. In addition to the operation, if you add these procedures to your life and make them a routine, you will have a problem-free and perfect stomach. In some people, some deformations in the abdomen may occur again as a result of some changes such as weight gain or pregnancy after surgery.

Is Tummy Tuck Surgery Risky?

Those who apply for aesthetic surgical procedures do not want to be exposed to a lot of side effects after these procedures. Therefore, whether tummy tuck exercises have a risky side or not is a subject of research. There are some side effects that may be encountered after every plastic surgery. Side effects may occur in the form of blood accumulation, wound formation, and blood clots. Of course, these are possible situations, but it is not possible for everyone to experience the same situation.

Can Lower Abdominal Sagging Be Corrected?

Sagging problems occur over time due to loosening of the abdominal muscles. Since sagging of the lower abdomen causes aesthetic loss, support should be taken from aesthetic procedures. Thanks to tummy tuck, sagging in the lower abdomen is eliminated.

The sagging in the lower abdomen will not go away without resorting to this operation. No matter how much sports and exercise you do, it will not be possible to get rid of sagging. Therefore, tummy tuck surgery, which is the best treatment method, is the only method that allows you to achieve the desired result.

Those Who Have Had Abdominoplasty

Recently, many people find the solution to sagging in the belly area in tummy tuck operations. Since it is a painless and fast operation, you should not be afraid of this procedure. Moreover, the fact that you will not stay in the hospital environment for days is one of the beautiful aspects of this procedure.

When a review was made of those who had tummy tuck surgery, it was observed that the patients who had undergone the operation were satisfied. Of course, one of the important issues here is to pay attention to weight gain after the surgery is over. Incorporating a balanced diet and exercises into your life support you in protecting the process. This is important so that you do not have to go through the same procedures again.

Abdominoplasty Prices

For patients who want this stretching procedure, prices are as important as the quality of service. Prices may vary depending on the institution that will perform stretching. You can get rid of abdominal sagging problems by applying for stretching surgery, which will allow you to regain your physical beauty.



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