The process of removing excess fat tissue by surgical method is called liposuction. There are many people who have difficulties in losing weight. This method is also applied to people who cannot get rid of their regional weight with traditional weight loss methods.

This surgery, which is a surgical method, is also one of the most applied aesthetic operations. With the help of opened incisions and long cannulas, the adipose tissue is vacuumed and removed from the body.

This process should not be seen as a weight loss method. It is possible to gain an average of 6% to 8% fat, taking into account body weight. This rate varies according to the weight and body structure of the person. It is a preferred aesthetic intervention to get the body into a proportional shape and to get rid of regional fat. People who prefer this method are usually between the ages of 20 and 40.

What is Liposuction Surgery and How Is It Performed?

It is a regional procedure and it is the extraction of fat in certain parts of the body with the help of a special vacuum and cannulas. Fats are separated from the body using an injector. It is a surgical method. It is not done to lose weight. There is no weight loss after the surgery. It is the process of shaping only certain parts of the body and removing regional fats.

In liposuction surgery, the area where the fat will be removed is inflated with a special liquid and a 1-2 mm long incision is made in that area. It is inserted under the skin using cannulas with a diameter of 2 to 6 mm, depending on the fat ratio of the patient. In the continuation of the process, vacuum operation is performed with the help of hoses and the adipose tissue is removed. The process is continued until the necessary adipose tissue is removed. During the procedure, up to 4 liters of fat is removed from the body. Despite this, there is no change such as any weight loss. If care is not taken after the procedure, the fat tissue returns and the body shape may deteriorate.

Who Can Apply Liposuction?

Considering that it is a surgical operation, it is a process that should be decided with the opinion of a specialist doctor. It should be noted that liposuction surgery is not a weight loss method, but only a body shaping method. This surgery, which is applied especially to people with regional weight and resistant adipose tissue, can be applied to anyone without health problems. However, it is not recommended to be applied to people with heart disease, diabetes and who have just given birth. Although it can be easily applied to all age groups who are adults over the age of 18, it is not applied to people who may have elasticity problems.

In Which Areas Is Liposuction Applied?

It is possible to apply it to any area where weight and fat problems are not resolved with traditional sports and diet methods. The most preferred areas for liposuction surgery, which will be very popular, are:

  • Neck
  • Cheek
  • Belly
  • Arm
  • Hip

It is one of the operations frequently preferred not only by women but also by men. It is known that male patients usually apply to have their abdominal fat removed. After the surgery, there is a decrease in the fat cells, but if care is not taken, the fat cells will expand again and cause weight gain. However, even if weight is gained, fat cells do not return to their original state and less lubrication occurs compared to other regions.

For Whom Is Liposuction Risky?

It is not a weight loss treatment. Since it includes surgical methods, the person should not have health problems. The reason for this is to prevent any problems from occurring during or after the surgery. With the decision of the anesthesiologist and consultant physicians, liposuction is applied to people who have systematic and chronic diseases such as heart diseases, diabetes and kidney diseases. It is also not recommended for people who have not yet reached puberty. Fat cells continue to increase continuously during adolescence and there is no fixed fat cells. For this reason, fat removal is performed on adult people where fat cells are fixed.

Recovery Period After Liposuction

Since it involves a surgical operation, there will be a certain recovery period after the operation. It is generally recommended to stay in the hospital for 1 day after the procedure. However, this varies according to the patient’s condition.

There are a few rules that must be followed after the surgery. One of them is the use of corsets. Specially produced corsets are used between 4 and 8 weeks. Conditions such as edema and bruising may occur, but these are temporary problems. The first few weeks after liposuction are a difficult period. Despite this, the person can return to his daily life routine in 1 to 3 weeks. It is necessary to be patient as it will take a period of 1 month for the body to fully take its new shape. Eating healthy during the recovery period and starting sports with the permission of the doctor after removing the stitches will increase the efficiency of this process.

In Which Situations Does Liposuction Surgery Not Work?

After the procedure, a reduction in fat volume and a regional thinning are observed. But that doesn’t mean you won’t gain weight again and increase fat cells. After the liposuction surgery, if the doctor’s recommendations are not followed in addition to sports and a balanced diet, it will be inevitable to gain weight again and increase the fat tissue. In this case, the operation and the process after it is considered unsuccessful. It should be noted that this surgery is applied only to the adipose tissue. It is not used for problems such as cellulite, skin sagging, abdominal wall sagging.

Are Liposuction Results Permanent?

Permanent removal of fat cells after surgery provides a regional thinning. However, in the process of not paying attention to nutrition, weight is gained and it is observed that the adipose tissue comes back. Liposuction surgery is not a weight loss method. It is more of a body shaping surgery. In order to protect the body shaped by this method, the doctor’s recommendations should be taken into account. Apart from the doctor’s recommendations, sports can be added to the lifestyle; Avoid foods containing sugar and pastries. In addition to all these; If this process is desired to be permanent, there are some elements that must be applied:

  • Water consumption is important after surgery. You can consume plenty of water and consume herbal tea. Especially during the healing process, fluid intake will allow you to spend the process more comfortably and with less edema.
  • You should increase the consumption of fresh vegetables instead of harmful foods such as sugar and pastries.
  • Fruit consumption is very important for the human body. But you should not forget that there is sugar in the fruit and you should adjust your portions accordingly.
  • You can choose foods containing omega-3 acids such as fish and walnuts.
  • You can increase the consumption of nuts and legumes.
  • You can create a whole grain nutrition routine. In this way, you will have a more comfortable post-operative process.

Is Anesthesia Used in Liposuction Surgery?

As it is a surgical process, the supervision of an anesthesiologist is absolutely necessary. Liposuction surgery is usually performed with general anesthesia. Depending on the amount of fat to be removed and the condition of the patient and whether a combined surgery will be performed, this process may take 2 hours or longer.

Liposuction Surgery Prices

There is a price scale that varies according to the techniques and the region where the application is made. Before the procedure, an analysis of the area where the fat will be removed is performed. It is important in this regard how many areas will be treated and which techniques will be used. Whether other procedures are needed after liposuction and whether a multiple surgery is necessary also causes price changes. Finally, it is an important criterion in which area the fat removal process will be applied. Liposuction prices vary according to the face area, back area, arm area or belly area. Considering all these transactions and the result of the transaction, the prices determined for this application are almost insignificant.



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