Breast Silicone Implantation After Breastfeeding

Breast Silicone Implantation After Breastfeeding

During breastfeeding, the breasts  become congested due to milk production. Because the increase and growth of the milk ducts, which begin during pregnancy, prepares the mother for the breastfeeding process. The breast skin filled with milk is also stretched. Inflammation and blood circulation problems can also cause the deformity in the breasts to be more pronounced. The asymmetrical image, which is usually seen in nursing mothers, is a situation that many women encounter. Fortunately,  breast silicone implantation after breastfeeding offers long-term solutions for the sagging and shrinking breast appearance.

What Causes Breast Sagging?

Breasts, one of the most important and indispensable parts of the female body, are very valuable in terms of aesthetics as well as breastfeeding children. As a matter of fact, every woman wants to have 90-60-90 body measurements that are considered ideal. Some genetically have these breast measurements. However, some of them can be very big and who can be very small. When age, rapid weight gain and loss, pregnancy and breastfeeding process are added to this, sagging is one of the most common and complained problems. Fortunately, nowadays  there are innovative solutions such as breast silicone implantation after breastfeeding.

Breast milk meets all the nutrients that a baby needs in the first 6 months of his life. In addition to its ideal nutritional values, breast milk also protects the baby against infections with its protective substances. Even babies born in very hot climates do not need to drink water when fed with breast milk. Therefore, it is recommended by the World Health Organization that babies should be fed only with breast milk for at least the first 6 months. However,  some expectant mothers avoid breastfeeding their baby because their breasts will sag after breastfeeding. At this point, having breast silicone inserted after breastfeeding is a  solution that emphasizes that there should be no concern for such a situation.

Breastfeeding is not the only reason for the sagging of the chest. Different reasons such as excessive and rapid weight gain, nutritional disorders, weaning the baby quickly, using a bad bra can also cause breast sagging. In addition, keeping the baby in the wrong position while breastfeeding can also increase the sagging breast image level. Although some measures such as the use of a good bra, cream, balanced diet and exercises can help prevent this sagging appearance, they cannot prevent it completely. At this point, it is a good idea to have breast silicone inserted after breastfeeding.

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Is Breast Sagging Inevitable After Breastfeeding?

The common problem of many women who are breastfeeding is whether the appearance of the breast will return to before pregnancy. In this context, it is possible to say that breast sagging after breastfeeding is in every woman. In short, this is  a common problem. In other words,  the breast appearance that looks erect and tight before pregnancy never returns to its former state on its own. Fortunately, thanks to today’s medical and technological developments, you can overcome this problem provided that  you have breast silicone inserted after breastfeeding.

Especially in women with large breast structure, breast sagging is very obvious after the breastfeeding process ends. This is because the breast tissue whose milk was cut off decreased in volume and was displaced downwards by the effect of gravity. In women with this type of large breast structure, sagging after breastfeeding can be taken care of with a simple surgical procedure. In this operation, the collection process is performed on the skin. From the Ard, breast silicone is inserted under the muscle. Thus, you can reach a fuller and upright chest appearance.

Women with small breast structures  are extremely happy with the growth of their breasts during breastfeeding. However, after the termination of breastfeeding, they are almost disappointed by the appearance of breasts. Because while breastfeeding, the breasts, which are relatively large compared to before, become much smaller than before after breastfeeding. It’s not a kind of breast, but it looks like a thick skin residue. Unfortunately, this appearance does not improve even if they gain weight, exercise and eat a balanced diet. Fortunately, it is not an unsolvable problem. Because  it is possible for them to get the desired breast  structure provided that they have breast silicone inserted after breastfeeding.

Inthese sagging that occur in women with K triple breast structure, the appropriate shape and size  can be obtained by inserting breast silicone after breastfeeding  with a simple surgical operation. With the procedure performed in an average of 1 hour in a short time, the person can achieve the erect and full breast appearance he / she targets. Moreover, the patient can continue his normal life 2 days after the operation.

Is Having Breast Silicone Implanted After Breastfeeding the Definitive Solution?

Breast lift is  an effective solution for breast sagging, which is a common problem of every woman after breastfeeding. During the application, the sagging skin appearance is recovered, while the areola and nipples are lifted. In addition, the purpose of this procedure is to give the breasts a natural appearance. However, for each breast sagging, it is not enough to remove only the skin sagasy and lift the nipple. Because these do not provide any benefit to the size of the breasts. At this stage, it is  necessary to wear breast silicone after breastfeeding.

Breast lifting, skin sagging removal and breast silicone insertion after breastfeeding can be planned in a single operation. When the cases where these three procedures are performed are examined, it is seen that very successful results are obtained. Mostmothers who have children and experience severe weight loss experience these three problems at different levels. Therefore, the demand for these three operations to be performed in a single operation is quite high.

In this context, for women who want to have a erect, full and tight breast appearance after breastfeeding, having breast silicone inserted after breastfeeding is a definite solution to this problem. Because this problem has become a chronic condition that can no longer be overcome with nutrition, exercise, cosmetics and a supportivediet. At the end of the procedure, the breasts shaped have a success rate that increases the self-confidence of the person.

How Long Should You Wait to Have Breast Silicone Inserted After Breastfeeding?

At the  beginning  of the issues that women are curious about, how long to wait to have breast silicone inserted after breastfeeding comes. It is enough to wait 3 months after birth for this procedure. So there is no harm in the breastfeeding process. However, it is not recommended to do it in this process. Because the weight changes experienced and the appearance of the breast, which seems to be full of milk, can change when the breastfeeding process is terminated. Therefore, it is the healthiest approach to do when the person reaches his ideal weight after the breastfeeding process.

If the milk glands and breast form are made without taking the final form, the silicones inserted will not look natural. Because the silicones that are inserted may sound small. Otherskin sagging and nipple lift procedures are also insufficient. Therefore, it is recommended by experts to do it after the termination of the breastfeeding process and after the person reaches his ideal weight  .

If the person is thinking of having silicone inserted during the breastfeeding process of his baby, he should know this. This operation does not create a situation such as cutting the milk.  If there is a decrease and interruption in milk,  this situation can be experienced by genetic and purely hormonal changes. Because no process such as silicone insertion, lifting or correction of skin sagging prevents the ability to breastfeed. However, although rare, it may cause a decrease in milk in some people.

In summary, having breast silicone implanted after breastfeeding is  a surgical application that is as attractive as every woman with a budget can choose. Because it offers women the chance to breastfeed their babies, who are the most valuable asset in their lives,  without worrying about “my breasts will sag”. Moreover, while this operation can be performed with minimum risk, the recovery process is quite short.

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