Chin Fat Removal  (Platysmoplasty) Tickle Removal

Chin Fat Removal  (Platysmoplasty) Tickle Removal

Many of us suffer from the problem of drooping tickles, also referred to as double chins. The tickle usually sags due to the lack of collagen and loss of elasticity of the skin in this area. Of course, gravity also has a great effect on this sagging. In addition, this problem may occur due to weight gain and old age. At the same time, one of the biggest reasons for this is the increase in adipose tissue. Whatever the cause of this problem is, it should be known that it is not unsolvable. Chin fat removal can be solved in a short time and practically with surgery.  So,  what is tickle retrieval?  How is it done and what should be considered afterwards?

What is Chin Fat Removal?

The process of removing excess fat tissue in the under-chin area, also known as the  submental region, is called chin fat removal. This  aesthetic intervention, also known as “tickle removal” or “jaw fat removal”, can be performed surgically or without surgery. While the technique is determined according to the preference of the person, physical characteristics and post-procedure expectations are also decisive criteria. The aim of this aesthetic intervention is  to eliminate the problems in the face and décolleté area and to increase the quality of life of the person.

Chin fat removal eliminates sagging in this area. Bthus eliminates aesthetic problems that are difficult to cover with makeup. Which technique to choose is determined by a joint decision in line with the expectations of the person after the first examination of the specialist physician. The right technique is selected according to the person’s criteria, expectations and the state of lubrication. In some cases, several techniques are applied at the same time, if necessary. For example, excess fat removal can be done by removing the sagging skin and stretching it.

Who is Chin Fat Removal Applied to?

Chin fat removal, which aims to harmonize the area between the chin and neck with the facial line  of the person, is generally classified as a low-risk intervention. No matter how simple this aesthetic intervention is,  those who intend to have it must meet some criteria. Otherwise, some complications may develop. Some of the criteria that those who are considering having a tickle removal should have are:

  • You must be over 18 years old.
  • There should be sagging, wrinkle and excessive fattening in the jowl area.
  • It should not have such a condition as pregnancy and lactation.
  • There should be no health conditions that are not suitable for anesthesia and the chosen technique.
  • There  should not be a chronic disease that will constitute an obstacleto the application of the selected technique.
  • There should be no blood and bleeding disease.

First of all, it is examined whether the technique to be selected according to the condition of the tickle and its complaints is suitable for the person. While questioning whether it has the criteria mentioned above, it should also be verified by tests in suspicious cases. If  the person’s condition is appropriate and approval is given, a date is determined for chin fat removal.

How and with What Techniques Is Chin Fat Removal Done?

This aesthetic surgery is defined as this savior intervention for individuals with fattening, wrinkle and sagging in the tickle area. However, according to age groups, which technique will be used varies. For example, at a young age, only fat is removed with aesthetic concerns. In advanced and middle ages, since the skin loses its elasticity, face lifting may also be required. Some of the different procedures in chin fat removal aesthetics are as follows:


The muscle under the skin in the front part of the neck  is called platysma. Platysmaplasty, which is a surgical method, is applied in the form of stretching this thin muscle. Thanks to this method, the appearance of bands, lines, fatty tickles, loose or sagging skins under the neck area and chin is improved.

Kybella Injection

This aesthetic intervention is designed on the logic of affecting fat cells. In this way, fat storage in the tickle area is prevented and the person is saved from the problem of tickle. Since it is a non-surgical technique, the risk of complications is low.


Botox, which is a non-surgical technique, is performed by injecting botolinum toxin into the problem area. This substance, which is injected into the tissue, thus affects the muscle-nerve conduction in the region. It reduces and eliminates the signs of aging.


Liposuction, which is one of the most preferred methods in the aesthetics of removing the tickle, is based on the logic of removing excess fat tissue. It is used in combination with different techniques. This technique, which has been used for many years, is also suitable for many aesthetic interventions.


Cervicoplasty, which is usually performed with platysmaplasty, is a surgical operation performed by removing the excess skin in the neck. With this method, the neck is given a young appearance thanks to the removal of both excess skin and excess fat in the neck and chin area.

Other Techniques

In addition to the procedures mentioned above, laser, ultrasound and different energy waves are also used in jaw fat removal aesthetics. With these techniques, the jowl area is given the desired appearance. It is also ensured to have a flat appearance.

In order to give an aesthetic appearance to your neck   area, chin fat removal is almost like a perfect fittan. But you may be conflicted about which technique is the right decision for you. At this point, you can meet with a specialist physician and determine which method is most suitable for you.

Things to Consider Before and After Chin Fat Removal

The process of removing the tickle, which takes between 20 minutes and 1 hour, is usually performed under general or local anesthesia. Therefore, as in every surgical operation, there are some situations that should be considered before and after this procedure. If you follow your doctor’s recommendations, you will spend both the operation and the healing process more comfortably.

The conditions to be considered before surgery are as follows:

  • A medication used should be reported to the specialist if there are any allergies or health problems.
  • Every test required must be done.
  • The drug should not be used without the knowledge of a specialist.
  • If tobacco products such as cigarettes and alcohol are used, it is necessary to take a break.
  • The consumption of blood thinners, vitamin E-containing products and supplementary foods should be suspended.

Things to consider after the operation:

  • After the procedure, the head bandage  should be worn for a few days.
  • Attention should be paid to the hygiene of the operation area and possible impacts.
  • Sudden movements should be avoided.
  • The advice  given by the specialist should be followed, and the drugs should be used as prescribed.
  • Intense physical activity and exercises should not be done for the first 1-2 weeks.
  • Chemical products that damage the operation area should be avoided.
  • You should stop smoking, tobacco products and alcohol consumption.
  • Take care to use sunscreen products recommended by the doctor.

Aesthetics to remove the tickle is a simple procedure and the patient usually returns to his normal life within 2 weeks. In addition, if you pay attention to the precautions to be taken as we mentioned above, you can accelerate the healing process. So you can recover in a shorter time and have an aesthetic appearance as you want.

Recovery Process After Chin Fat Removal

The healing process of chin fat removal, which provides a permanent rejuvenation  , takes an average of 8 to 10 days. If the recommendations of the specialist are followed, it is possible to have a more comfortable healing process in a short time. After the operation, it is necessary to use a bandage that frames the head and chin area for 4-5 days. Wearing the corset regularly is very important for the tickle to easily take its new shape and for the area to heal quickly. However, the first week should be rested.

After surgery, swelling, bruising and rarely pain may occur. As with any surgical application, these problems are part of the recovery period. With the medicines recommended by the doctor and his recommendations, the complaints will pass by themselves in a short time, so there is no need to worry. However,the surgical scar in the operation area is quite faint and is in a form that will not be visible from the outside.  So you don’t have to worry about surgical scarring.



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