Hair Transplant in Istanbul

Hair Transplant in Istanbul

In recent years, hair transplantation is one of the leading aesthetic applications that offer practical and fast solutions with its innovative techniques and technologies. Genetics offers permanent and risk-free solutions for the problem of hair loss, which increases due to age and the difficulty of living conditions. Besides, hair transplantation in Istanbul has a worldwide reputation. Because thanks to the most innovative techniques and applications of professionals, the success rate is quite high. Therefore, Istanbul is a city that attracts those who want to have foreign hair transplantation as well as local.

Techniques That Those Who Want to Have a Hair Transplant in Istanbul Can Choose

There are multiple different hair transplantation techniques that those who want to have hair transplantation in Istanbul can choose. While each technique has its own advantages, we must say that it also has its own subtleties. In addition, the prices, recovery times, natural appearance and application times of these techniques also vary. Professional practitioners who perform procedures with these richly diverse hair transplantation techniques are the  biggest advantage of those who want to have hair transplantation in Istanbul.

The specialist and the patient decide jointly which of these techniques, which can be transplanted up to 4000 hair follicles in one session, will be used. Because many criteria such as the general health status of the person, the hair structure, the condition of the region where the roots will be taken and the budget are decisive. In addition, other factors such as scarring status and wound healing after hair transplantation are also effective in the selection of techniques. In addition , some of the techniques preferred by experts for people who want to have hair transplantation in Istanbul are more popular. Because some applications are made with techniques that minimize scar and wound formation. Therefore, the healing process is faster than others.

Sapphire FUE Technique

The sapphire FUE technique, which is planted with the tips obtained from the sapphire mine, is similar to the classical FUE technique. Its distinctive feature over the classical technique is that it is a technique made with sapphire tips. With this tip, the transplanted area tends to heal more quickly. Therefore, crusting is also less.

DHI Technique

DHI hair transplantation technique, which is performed without channels, is a hair transplantation application that has been on the rise recently. In this method, also called direct t-transplantation, the process is done with cylindrical and thin needles. The hair placed in the needle is practically transplanted to the area with hair loss problem. This is  one of the most preferred methods of those who want to have hair transplantation in Istanbul.

FUE Technique

FUE, which is a seamless hair transplantation application, is a method that throws the shoe of FUT hair transplantation technique. The hair follicles to be transplanted in this technique are usually taken from the nape of the neck. Eis planted in the channels opened in the area to be kelt. Painless and painless execution of the process is among the advantages.

Percutaneous Technique

Percutaneous hair transplantation technique, which is one of the innovative methods that give the most natural results, is made by opening channels. Thanks to the micro-level transplantation, there is no trace in the treated area of the person. Especially the transplanted hair follicles adapt to their place in a short time and no scarring occurs. The healing process is short.

People who want to have hair transplantation in Istanbul can make a choice by doing a comprehensive research on the advantages and disadvantages of all these techniques. In addition, a specialist should determine which technique is suitable for you after a consultation.

Differences Between FUE and DHI Techniques

Hair Transplantation in Istanbul with Reliable and Quality Centers

For those who experience permanent hair loss, hair transplantation is an aesthetic application that cures their problems. Especially in recent years, the painless and painful nature of the procedures performed with the developing technology has increased the interest in this application. In addition, when it comes to hair transplantation, Istanbul is one of the first cities that come to mind. This reputation is not only throughout the country, but worldwide. Because hair transplantation in Istanbul gives both reliable and quality results.

This reputation of hair transplantation in Istanbul, which is among the best in the  world, depends primarily on professional hair transplantation specialists. Quality service, advanced medical technologies, clinics with high brand value and internationally qualified services also have a great share in this reputation. At the end of the hair transplantation procedures, the number of satisfied and happy customers is high. It is this value that multiplies the reputation of satisfaction every day.

The fact that a large part of those who want to have hair transplantation in Istanbul are foreign tourists is the clearest evidence of quality and reliable service. Experts who incorporate every innovative technique into their clinics and competencies thus minimize patients’ concerns in this regard. Thanks to the natural hair appearance reached especially after hair transplantation, each patient is a reference for a new patient. In addition, it is possible to have these operations, which give successful results, in Istanbul at the most reasonable prices worldwide.

In addition, the fact that the experts who want to have hair transplantation in Istanbul are the ones who make academic publications and receive awards worldwide in their fields is proof of the quality and assurance of their services. Thanks to these experts who practice with many innovative and different techniques, it is the right address for those who want to cure the problem of baldness. The  most basic criterion that those who want to have hair transplantation in Istanbul will have difficulty is to choose among these specialists. In this regard, it is possible to have an idea by researching the references and comments of the patients.

The post-operative satisfaction of those who want to have hair transplantation in Istanbul has a success rate of up to 99%. Patients reach the natural appearance they dream of after world-class applications. This satisfies them both physically and psychologically. Because they see that they get the right to the wage they pay and they get their permanent hair. In addition, they overcome the self-confidence problem they experience due to hair loss.

Things to Consider Before Hair Transplantation


Post-Hair Transplant Process


Things to Consider for Those Who Want to Have a Hair Transplant in Istanbul

The most curious issues of those who want to have hair transplantation is which technique is the best. In addition, a technique that gives successful results for one may not give the same successful result for the other. At this point, it is imperative that the specialist decides during the consultation. Hair transplantation in Istanbul with its expert surgeons  is very attractive especially for foreigners because of its prices. Because the prices given are much cheaper than America and Europe.

One of the issues that those who want to have hair transplantation in Istanbul should pay attention to is the clinics that perform under-stairs procedures. In order not to face such a situation, it should be looked at that the clinic is authorized by the ministry. In the same way, it is important to evaluate the references given about the specialist and clinic to be treated. A clinic and specialist who performs hair transplantation with international standards also has foresight about risks. It prevents it from occurring, but if it occurs, it minimizes the risks with its rapid intervention.

Those who want to have hair transplantation should be realistic about their goals in a situation they should consider. Because although the technology is advanced, it is not possible to reach very lush hair suddenly after transplantation. In addition, the condition of the donor area is also decisive. In addition, whether the person has health problems or not makes their expectations more realistic.

Hair transplantation in Istanbul is very popular as in many metropolitan cities such as Ankara, Bursa and Izmir. In addition, many foreign tourists want to have a hair transplant when they come on holiday. As a result, branches of some famous clinics were also opened in holiday resorts. In addition, many clinics that want to provide the best service to their customers provide VIP service to their patients. He picks it up from the airport, places it in his hotel and follows the whole hair transplantation process.

Summarize; Permanently overcoming the problem of hair loss is now easy thanks to both technology and our experts. Today,  many people have a common reason to have hair transplantation in Istanbul. Because Istanbul is the right location for quality, safer, more economical and comfortable hair transplantation.


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