What is the Sapphire FUE Technique?

What is the Sapphire FUE Technique?

Advances in medicine and technology have brought solutions to many problems in life. The Sapphire FUE technique is also one of the solutions to the problem of male-pattern hair loss.

With the spread of technological innovations, new business areas such as artificial intelligence and robotization, data science have emerged. These innovations have also spread to the health and medical sector. Mankind has embarked upon new searches with the diversification of needs. As a result of the increase in medical and technological developments, scientists are now able to treat diseases that they could not cure in the past.

Baldness, also known as male-pattern hair loss, is a common problem among men. Scientists have developed new methods and treatments in this regard over time. After all, baldness, which used to be an insoluble problem, is now just an ordinary inconvenience.

The Sapphire FUE technique, which is one of these methods and treatments, has emerged as a hair transplant operation.

Hair Transplant Operations

Hair transplantation operations have brought new treatments with developments in health care technologies. Doctors used to perform hair transplantation with simple operations. Therefore, people were not able to get permanent results. However, with the spread of technological innovations in medicine, doctors have discovered more effective treatments. The sapphire FUE technique is one of these treatments.

Today, many people are disappointed due to wrong hair transplant operations. In these operations, some health institutions apply the FUT technique, not the sapphire FUE technique. For this reason, people encounter unnatural results. As a result, people lose both their time and money. However, by making the right choices, you can achieve natural results thanks to the sapphire FUE technique.

Sapphire FUE Hair Transplantation Operation

Experts apply this method by opening micro channels with a sapphire-tipped blade. Micro channels prevent crusting on the scalp.

With the Sapphire FUE technique, doctors first apply local anesthesia to the area where the operation will be performed. Then the tissue that we call the graft in the hair follicles is taken.

The graft is a structure that contains skin and hair follicles. In this tissue, there are hair follicles in different structures such as single, double and quadruple. Although the graft is not a hair root, it is a hair root tissue. Grafts also refer to the ratio of skins to the head.

With the sapphire FUE method, the grafts are taken with a micro motor tool. A micro motor is a device with needles at the end. More of the hair root is extracted with the micro motor device. The needle at the end of this device rotates and enters the place where the transplantation will be made. Thus, with this method, the hair follicles are not damaged. Therefore, it is quite effective.

What is the FUE Technique?

So how are grafts collected with a micro motor device? Here, too, the FUE method comes into play. It applies the hair follicles taken from the nape area with a micro motor to the rootless area where hair transplantation will be performed. However, before doing this, doctors shorten the hair in the area where the hair follicles will be applied by 1 mm.

Hair follicles taken with the help of a micro motor are transplanted into the channels opened with a sapphire-tipped blade. In this method, a lot of hair follicle transplantation is provided. In addition, with this method, the angle and direction of the hair grafts can be adjusted correctly. Thus, with this technique, you can have more aesthetic and rich hair.

The Benefits of the Sapphire FUE Technique

With the Sapphire FUE technique, local anesthesia is applied to the area where the operation will be performed. Therefore, this method is virtually painless. Because there are no cuts or stitches in this method.

The margin of error in this method is negligible. Thanks to the method, the density of the hair follicles is ideal. As a result, a lot of hair transplantation is performed this way.

In addition, the direction of the hair is adjusted correctly. Therefore, after transplantation, the hair can have a more aesthetic and natural appearance.

The sapphire FUE technique has a very low risk of infection compared to other planting methods. Therefore, this technique is hygienic both during and after transplantation.

The Secret: Sapphire Tipped Blade

The sapphire-tipped blade used in this technique is ideal for those with advanced hair loss. Moreover, it is possible to plant more densely thanks to this sapphire blade. Therefore, it provides a more natural appearance to the hair. Again, this blade has anti-bacterial properties. Thanks to its sharp and durable structure, traumas and tissue damage are not experienced.

Since micro channels are opened in this method, the healing process is also fast.

After the operation, you will have a smooth scalp structure.

Since your hair follicles are planted at the right angle with the Sapphire FUE technique, your hair does not shed again after the operation.

In this technique, less fluid is injected into the skin during the incision step. Therefore, postoperative side effects are very few. In other words, you will not encounter undesirable results such as edemas on the scalp after the operation.

You can have thicker and denser hair with the sapphire FUE technique.

Differences between the Sapphire FUE Hair Method and Other Methods

Today, doctors use a special sapphire-tipped blade for Sapphire FUE hair transplantation.

The hair transplantation method applied with this sapphire blade differs from other methods. Because this sapphire blade is not a steel blade like the others. Therefore, it does not harm the skin and tissue.

Sapphire-tipped blades create incisions especially in the donor area. It does not open wide channels like other steel blades. Therefore, crusts do not form on the scalp and the healing process is faster.

With the sapphire technique, hair follicles are taken with a micro motor. Then the grafts are transplanted into micro channels opened with a sapphire-tipped blade. In other techniques, channels are not opened to the place where hair transplantation will be performed. Only direct transplantation is performed.

However, every technique may not be suitable for every person. Therefore, users should choose the hair transplant technique according to their hair type.

 Advantages of the Sapphire FUE Technique

The Sapphire FUE technique, which has many advantages, is a frequently preferred method today. With the advancement of technology in medicine, the Sapphire FUE technique has emerged. This technique has many benefits and convenience.

First of all, this method is completely painless. In fact, many methods offer various solutions in this regard. However, the sapphire FUE technique is a more advanced technique in this regard.

Its special sapphire tipped blade is sharp and durable. Therefore, there is less vibration during operation. This prevents trauma and tissue damage.

Since the transplantation process causes very little tissue damage, the grafts stick to their places easily.

Sapphire-tipped blades do not adversely affect blood circulation.

Sapphire blades are antibacterial by nature and the risk of infection during the operation of these blades is low.

Since the operation consists of small incisions, the healing process is faster. As a result, you can have more dense and bushy hair with the sapphire FUE technique.

 Disadvantages of the Sapphire FUE Technique

As with every medical operation, this operation can cause bad results if it is not performed by a specialist physician. Micro motor devices have needles of special sizes for each user. In addition, if the needles are not applied according to the direction and angle of the hair follicle, you may encounter a misshapen hair type. This causes undesirable results. For this reason, hair transplantation must be planned and managed by a specialist doctor.

As a result, the sapphire FUE hair transplantation is among the most advantageous and comfortable hair transplantation methods today. If you want to have healthy hair with a painless application, you can benefit from this method.

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