Medical Methods in Hair Treatments

Medical Methods in Hair Treatments

Hair, which is one of the most important parts of the appearance; they are exposed to shedding in the face of factors such as stress, genetic factors, vitamin deficiency. Sometimes used vegetable oils, vitamins or medicines save hair as a solution. However, permanent solutions are needed for the dilutions caused by the spills and the exposed skin surface over time. The best solution is medical methods because it is both permanent and preferred by the majority. It restores the weakened hair follicles to their previous form, allowing the old natural hair to come back. Therefore, they are permanent and effective solutions. There is no treatment through a single system, there are many alternatives that adapt to the desired conditions. In general, the methods that offer permanent solutions in hair treatments are:

  • Laser therapies
  • Hair mesotherapy
  • Ozone steam multivitamin mesotherapy
  • PRP treatment or Double PRP treatment
  • Dermapen
  • There are many options such as growth factor application.

Laser Therapies for Hair

The awakening of weak hair follicles, which is the biggest effect of shedding, by giving heat through wavelengths is called laser therapy. It is one of the newest techniques that offers a radical solution in hair treatments. Thus, it stops shedding and increases the number of cells. It also creates protection against dust and polluted air outside. Thus, stronger and healthier hair roots are formed. The application steps are also quite easy.

  • They send diode beams that are not very high to the area of spills and sparseness.
  • It spreads quite quickly and does not feel any pain or ache.
  • The number and duration of the session vary according to the size of the treated skin surface and the number of hair follicles.
  • There are approximately 107 beam points inside the laser device. Through these points, it easily touches the hair follicles, even between sparse hair.

It is a medical method that does not require much effort in a short time and does not perform surgery. Therefore, it provides a comfortable treatment environment for people. In addition, the low rays allow to strengthen the hair follicles without damaging the skin structure.

What is Hair Mesotherapy?

Hair mesotherapy is a medical solution for eliminating vitamin deficiency, which is a cause of weakening and weakening of the roots. The cocktail, which is prepared by mixing the vitamins necessary for the roots, is placed in the application gun, and injected into the hair follicles. It is a painless procedure that does not involve any methods such as grooving or needle use. Since there is no surgical application, you will complete your treatment between at least 4 and maximum 10 sessions, not in a single session. The duration of a single session is approximately 20 minutes. The biggest contribution to the hair is to strengthen the roots and fine hair strands. It is recommended to be used with peace of mind in all kinds of hair treatments from shedding to wear and sparseness.

Ozone Steam Multivitamin Mesotherapy

Ozone vapor, which is one of the natural treatment methods, has a great role in the return of hair to its old form. Mesotherapy is a method that contains many vitamins and is injected into the hair. Multivitamin mesotherapy, on the other hand, is a medical procedure applied through steam containing ozone. Ozone is a type of gas consisting of three oxygen molecules that preserves its existence in nature due to its structure. In addition to its contributions to human health, it is also very valuable for the skin. Many multivitamins (mixture of vitamins and minerals) combine with ozone vapor to become a special mixture. And it is injected into the hair follicles with the application gun. In the application phase, it is similar to hair mesothelial, only the contents are different. After the application, the hair follicles start to form cells again by getting blood. It is one of the hair treatments that provides both the regeneration of the skin structure under the hair and the improvement of the roots .

What is PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) Treatment? How is it applied?

PRP treatment is a medical procedure performed with hair root cells taken from the individual. It is a method that has no side effects in hair treatments and is not affected by blood-borne diseases. It awakens the hair follicles and ensures the formation of hair cells again. It has a high success rate and is a very effective solution. The method of application consists of several stages.

  • First of all, blood is taken from the individual’s own hair follicles, not exceeding 10 cc.
  • This blood, which is taken, decomposes in the desired structure in the centrifuge, which is the separation device.
  • They obtain platelets, that is, yellow liquids, from the liquids separated from the blood.
  • These yellow liquids are then injected into the hair follicles through the fine-tipped needle in the plasma kit.

All processes take place in a short time under hygienic conditions. It is a method with definite results and its effect lasts for many years.

What is Dermapen Process in Hair?

the hair treatments used especially in cases of alopecia, that is, ringworm among the people. This medical method, which renews the skin structure, provides support to the collagen production of the hair follicles together with the needles. It is an alternative treatment not only for hair but also for many skin problems. It breaks down the hardened and worn tissues in the roots, softens them and initiates the renewal process. It has a system that accelerates with medical developments and is applied with professional devices.

  • A special application pen is available. In addition, this item is constantly renewed with personalized titles. Thus, the hygienic environment is always fully organized.
  • These heads, which have more than one micro-needle on them, start to open channels by needling the weakened hair follicles.
  • Thanks to the needling, the production of collagen in the hair follicles increases and the elasticity of the skin structure increases.
  • The channels opened by needling contribute to the distribution of equal numbers of PRP or mesotherapy vitamins to the cells.
  • In this way, all cells get the vitamin balance they need. At the same time, the hardened tissues in the cells are also opened, allowing the hair follicles to heal spontaneously.

Having a needle at the application stage should not cause concern. Because the structure of the needling device has a vibration feature. In this way, a painless and comfortable treatment period is realized. You can choose with peace of mind without feeling nervous. Also, remember that not only the hair follicles but also the skin problems will disappear with the cell renewal.

Growth Factor Treatment

the medical hair treatments available in the USA and used in our country. As you can understand from the Turkish equivalent of growth factor, it is a system applied to hair follicles by activating growth hormones. As a result of preparing a mixture that the hair follicles need, you have the chance to catch the old and natural appearance of your hair. In this prepared cocktail, there is everything your hair follicles need, and the mixture is applied by turning it into a serum.

  • First of all, using the skin stamps device, an area is created for the serum to be well distributed to the hair follicles.
  • The application begins with the serum containing all kinds of supplements from growth hormones to vitamins.
  • They distribute the serum to the area by massaging so that it is well distributed to the hair follicles and ensure its absorption.
  • Treatment begins with at least 4 sessions lasting 20 minutes. In the later stages of the treatment, you can continue the treatment according to the desired result. There is no problem in increasing your sessions, if you apply it once a week.
  • After about 10 sessions, there will be a visible improvement in your hair and hair follicles.

The serum prepared in growth factor treatment is not limited to strengthening hair follicles or hair regrowth. If you use this serum when you have a hair transplant operation, you will see that the transplanted hair follicles are strengthened.

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