Hair Transplant with Sedation

Hair Transplant with Sedation

Hair transplantation is an operation that everyone can demand from woman to man. You want to have a natural appearance after your spills, which are based on many different reasons. Although vitamins, creams, lotions, and medicines are used, sometimes the only solution is to have a root treatment. When you are not successful in regenerating your hair follicles, it is the most logical to have a transplant. However, the transplantation process for hair regrowth often worries people. Although anxiety arises from many reasons, the common fear of the majority is the feeling of pain. This short-term operation, which takes the place of a large-scale operation, creates the perception of going under the knife in people. When this is the case, they evaluate different alternatives to avoid the feeling of pain. Especially sedated hair transplantation has gained popularity recently.

If you are also considering transplanting and have heard about sedation, you should do general search. The contents of this application that you are wondering about what it is and how it is made are available in the sub-headings. Being knowledgeable on this subject allows you to closely follow the process you will experience.

What is Sedated Hair Transplantation?

Sedation is an ideal alternative for people who want to have a transplant but have a fear of needles and stabs. This procedure, in which your consciousness is closed during the operation, offers you a very comfortable experience. It is a method you can choose if you are sensitive about pain and are afraid to witness the operation with open consciousness. Anesthesiologists put the person to sleep by using sedative drugs. Of course, this is not directly rendering the entire body inoperable. During sedated sleep, the control of reflexes is preserved, and the depth of sleep is under control.

On the other hand, the stress in the operation has negative effects on the situation until the healing process. Existing fear of needles, surgery, knives, blood and pain anxiety also relieves stress. Sedated hair transplantation , which means to calm down, also removes all these stress factors from the person’s body. Thus, a much safer and more successful operation is ensured. In addition, there are no signs of stress remaining from the operation during the waiting period required for recovery after the procedure. Thus, people who have had a sedated procedure get through this process much more patiently and calmly.

Things to Consider Before Hair Transplantation

How is Sedated Hair Transplantation Performed?

a peaceful and efficient hair transplant, is performed very easily.

  • First, people who want to have planting should find a center that has proven their success in this field and prioritizes customer satisfaction. In this planting center, which has all the necessary hygiene conditions, the first step of the operation is taken with the examination of a specialist doctor.
  • The specialist doctor takes care of which part of your hair will be transplanted. You should also consult an anesthesiologist to have a sedated procedure.
  • After the examination, the anesthesiologist indicates whether your body is suitable for the sedated procedure. After deciding on its suitability, it determines the day for the operation together with the specialist doctor.
  • Before the operation begins, the anesthesiologist sends a mixture of relaxants and pain relievers to the person’s body through the vascular access.
  • The mixture, which shows its effect in a very short time, calms the person.
  • With calming down, a state of open conscious sleep occurs. As a result, the sedated person becomes ready for the transplant operation.
  • Regional anesthesia needles are not felt, regardless of which part of the hair is applied or from which side the hair follicles are taken. Thus, the channels opened, and the hair follicles removed do not create a feeling of pain in the person’s body.
  • Within 10 minutes after the operation, the drowsiness of the person begins to pass. When all the processes are completed, the person experiences the feeling of awakening from his sleep in the middle of the day.

Who Is Sedated Hair Transplant Suitable For?

Everyone can choose to be put to sleep with sedation for hair transplantation . There is no limitation for this, and it suits everyone. On the other hand, there are people who are especially recommended to use. These people usually have a few features in common.

  • Those who are afraid of the operation itself and the perception of under the knife,
  • Those who are afraid of needles,
  • Those who cannot stand the smell or sight of blood,
  • Those who are afraid of experiencing pain and have a low threshold,
  • Those who experience a lot of stress before the operation,
  • Those with syndromes such as anxiety and panic attacks,
  • Those with anxiety disorder
  • Those with heart disease
  • Those who are worried about the operation and want it to be completed in a very short time,
  • Those who have disorders such as low blood pressure or high blood pressure,
  • Or it is a harmless and comfortable alternative for those who have no fear and discomfort but do not want to experience the tension of the operation.

Why Should Hair Transplantation Be Performed by a Doctor?

What are the Advantages of Sedated Hair Transplantation?

Hair transplantation with sedation is completely the choice of the people, but also the advice of a specialist doctor. This application, which provides a lot of comfort and has been preferred recently, has many unknown advantages.

  • We can say that the biggest advantage is also the same because it is the most preferred. It eliminates all kinds of fears of people and keeps their stress at the lowest level.
  • Since it keeps people asleep throughout the operation, it creates a feeling of completion in a much shorter time.
  • It does not cause any contraction and tension during the procedure. Thus, the whole process is very comfortable.
  • When you prefer sedation, you will not experience anxiety. Therefore, factors such as all stress hormones, blood pressure and heart rhythm are not compromised.
  • Since the reaction of the body with instant reflexes is also limited, there are no adverse events during the operation. In addition, regional anesthesia is easily applied.
  • In case a second session is needed, the person adapts quickly as he/she experiences the previous procedure comfortably.

What Should Be Considered in Sedated Hair Transplantation?

The factors to be considered in other alternatives of hair transplantation are also valid for sedated application. In other words, these are the elements that are done before the area to be treated, come to the operation and pay attention to the eating habits. After the operation, the protection of the area from the sun, impacts and moisture is also a condition to be considered. On the other hand, there are some factors that should be considered in the application with only sedation.

  • First of all, you should have a companion with you. Because after being put to sleep, you should be helped to recover until you regain yourself.
  • On the other hand, you should pay attention to what you take into your body before the operation. You should stay away from alcohol, cigarettes and any products that have a numbing effect. Otherwise, the drug mixture to be injected into your body will have no effect.
  • After the operation, do not perform behaviors such as driving until you wake up completely from your sleep state. Otherwise, behaviors that require full alertness become dangerous when they are performed without clear consciousness.

Sedated Hair Transplant in Turkey

In our country, hair transplantation has advanced in the medical field. More than just serving the country’s borders, it is also in demand from abroad. It has many customers from Arab countries and Europe, especially Cyprus. There is a wide range of customers from those who want sedated treatment to individuals with HIV diagnosis. The common satisfaction of many customers from abroad is the service provided. Thanks to its health conditions and specialist doctors, it leaves many countries behind in transplantation operations. Another reason it has earned such respect in the field is the variety of applications that cater to each client’s service. You will receive service with an application method that corresponds to every question and concern you have in mind. However, it would not be correct to say that every operation performed in Turkey is good. You should check that your preferred institution has complete documents from the ministry of health and the expertise of the people performing the operation.

Sedasyon İle Uyutularak Saç Ekimi

Hair Transplant with Sedation

Hair Transplant with Sedation Hair transplantation is an operation that everyone can demand from woman to man. You want to have a natural appearance after

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