Types of Breast Implants

Types of Breast Implants

Breast augmentation operations, which come to the rescue of those who want to change the shape and size of the breasts, are performed in two ways. One is fat transfer and the other is breast implants. Especially in recent years, rich breast implant types promise more successful results in breast augmentation operations. Because everyone’s preferences about breast shape and size are different.

Some want to have a chest look completely in the décolleté section, that is, as if it has been thrown up from the bra. Others prefer the breast form, which is referred to as a drop. Likewise, preferences about sizes are different. At this stage, different types of breast prosthesis are used to have the desired breast  appearance.

What is a Breast Implant?

Breast implants; prostheses with silicone content used during mastectomy or breast augmentation operations. These prostheses, which have varieties according to their shape, structure and content, are used in operations for those who are not satisfied with the breast structure for different reasons. Although the varieties are different, the outer layers, which are silicone envelope layers, are the same in all of them. Depending on the type, it may contain physiological serum or silicone gel.

These prostheses give the desired shape to the chest appearance with their shapes known as drops or rounds among the people. Apart from this, there are also varieties with a spongy, soft and rough external structure. These prostheses are;  It is used as a filling material in breast augmentation operations with sagging, shrinking or congenital small breast structure after breastfeeding. In addition, it is applied for artificial breast in surgeries applied to women whose breast is removed due to breast cancer. Having different varieties offers great advantages in obtaining the desired breast appearance.

What are the Types of Breast Implants?

Breast implant types  that contain silicone material are divided into different classes. The types of these prostheses have also increased with the developing technology. Thus, it has increased the chance of obtaining the desired results in breast augmentation operations, which are a common type of surgery. In addition, it offers alternatives to those who want different shapes and sizes. It also looks more natural with its different structures. Types of breast prostheses according to their classes are as follows:

Types of Breast Implants According to Their Cases

The silicone sheath, which was smooth and flat in the first years of its release, is also designed as rough breast implant types with the development of technology today  . With this sheath, which is made by adding several layers, the aim is to eliminate the condition called capsular contracture. What eliminates this condition (capsule contracture) that occurs over time around the silicone is the lumpy silicone sheath. It is decided by the specialist whether it will be used in breast aesthetics according to the body structure, breast volume and structure  of the person. At the decision stage, trial prostheses are made first. In the form of the breast, which is decided with the patient, some modifications are then made.

Types of Breast Implants According to Their Contents

Types of breast implants are divided into two as ingredients. These saline and silicone prostheses have their own advantages and disadvantages. Saline breast prostheses can be placed through a small incision made around the armpit or belly button. Even if this physiological serum leaks after a possible trauma, it is not harmful to the breast tissue. In addition, the probability of being replaced in the future is much higher than silicone ones. Among the types of breast implants , silicone ones are made of silicone gel. In case of a possible breakage, this gel remains inside the case or does not leak. Therefore, it is useful to have the specialist checked at periodic intervals.

Types of Breast Implants According to Their Shapes

According to their shapes, which are divided into two as drop (anotomic) and round (round), breast implant types are derived to give different forms to the chest. With its hemispherical shape, round breast prostheses have a medium wall thickness. Once placed in place, it gives a plump look to the milk area of the chest. The lower part of the drop silicones is designed to be wider than the top. Thanks to this, after its placement, the lower part of the chest appears larger. It is mostly applied in the treatment of breast sagging caused by breastfeeding or age. In summary, it provides the desired image in breast types where breast tissue is insufficient.

For breast augmentation surgery, a selection is made among the types of breast implants in these main classifications  . These prostheses are:

  • Textured breast implants
  • Smooth breast implants
  • Round breast implants
  • Form-stable breast implants
  • Silicone breast implants
  • Structured saline breast implants
  • Saline breast implants

Among the breast prosthesis types  used in breast augmentation aesthetics, those filled with water are harder in consistency. In addition, it is more likely to leak than the gel. In addition, those that are full of gel can be varied according to the consistency of the content. For example, cohesive, which retains its shape and softness, is replaced by the effect of gravity in the sheath. Therefore, it provides a more natural appearance.

How to Choose Between Breast Implant Types?

Breast augmentation operations performed with fat transfer or prostheses are among the favorite aesthetic applications of recent times. The types of breast implants that are  getting richer day by day can be confusing for those who want to have this operation. However, there is a point to know here. Which of the silicone varieties will be suitable is determined by a specialist. When making determinations, the following criteria are considered:

  • Age of the person who wants to have the operation
  • Health history
  • Whether she has had a breast implant before
  • Whether there is a health condition that prevents breast implant operation
  • Whether this operation will merge with another procedure
  • Budget for this app
  • Whether it can tolerate risks
  • The condition of the patient’s skin elasticity
  • Desired chest image

In addition to all these criteria, not every type of silicone fits everyone. Because the selection is made according to these criteria above. Itis looked at which one can respond to the needs of the H asthan. In addition, some types of silicone mimic the exact shape of the breast. Therefore, in cases where the entire breast shape is connected to the implant, it is imperative to choose drop-style silicones, for example.

Other Criteria When Choosing

Silicones used in breast augmentation surgery are not standard. In the same way, not every woman’s body structure, health conditions and wishes are one. Therefore, among the types of breast implants , the most appropriate one should be selected for the person’s situation and expectations. In this way, it is possible to achieve the most natural breast appearance.

Silicones with different heights may need to be selected for the desired breast appearance. The types of breast prostheses referred to as anatomical implants  are classified differently as long, medium and low height. For example, in women with a long breast shape, a long anatomical silicone selection should be made to give the desired fullness.  Or, on the contrary, for  women whose distance from the breasts to the collarbone is short, a low-height material should be selected for the desired filling.

When choosing among the types of breast implants, one factor is which type of technique will be used to place the silicone. These prostheses can be placed behind, in front of or partially behind the pectoral muscle. A choice should also be made according to the technique determined for the person’s situation and expectations.

Regardless of the technique and type of silicone used in breast aesthetic surgery, the most basic criterion is quality. Breast silicone, which can be made for reconstructive purposes after removal of the breast caused by aesthetic or breast cancer, should definitely be made of materials approved by the FDA. In this way, it does not pose a health risk for people who have it done. When choosing among the types of breast prosthesis in a clinic that performs ethical procedures  , it strictly complies with this health criterion.



Types of Breast Implants

Types of Breast Implants Breast augmentation operations, which come to the rescue of those who want to change the shape and size of the breasts,


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