After Hair Transplantation 10. Day Shell Bulk Washing

After Hair Transplantation 10. Day Shell Bulk Washing

There are many points to be considered in order for hair transplantation, which is often preferred among aesthetic operations, to be successful. One of these important points is to perform hair washing after aesthetic surgery. On the first day after the procedure, crusts occur, while in 10 days the roots settle in their places and enter the healing process. In this process, peel pouring washing should be done on the 10th day after hair transplantation . It is very important that the washing is done with the cleansers and style recommended by your hair transplant specialist.

First Hair Wash After Hair Transplantation

After Hair Transplantation 10. How to wash the day shell pour?

After hair transplantation, which is a solution to hair loss problems, it is possible to return to normal life quickly. Correctly following the recommendations of the specialist after the procedure accelerates the healing process as well as ensures that the newly grown hair is healthy. The most important issue to be considered after this aesthetic surgery is thatthere is no physical contact such as friction, scratching, impact and impact in the transplanted area.

As a matter of fact, such physical contacts cause the newly transplanted grafts to move and dislodge. Therefore, especially the first three days are very important and it is necessary to pay attention until the 10th day. In addition, in this period, it is necessary to wash the shell on the 10th day after hair transplantation.

On the 10th day after hair transplantation, shell shedding washing should be done with light circular movements with fingertips. These hair follicles, which are washed more sensitively until the 10th day, can be cleaned by applying a little more pressure than the previous days with the help of cotton. Thus, the crusting is cleaned without any damage to the transplanted hair follicles.

Post-Hair Transplant Process

After Hair Transplantation 10. Day Bark Shedding Stages

The washing process after all hair transplantation operations can be a difficult process. Because patients often experience fear of damaging the roots during this process of regeneration of the scalp. Hehesitates to take a shower with the D incident. However, if you are aware that your skin is sensitive and you shower with gentle movements, you can easily complete this process without any problems.

Particular attention in this process is the temperature and pressure of the water. If you are washing with these situations in mind, the healing process can be easily passed. The things to be done during the peel pouring washing on the 10th day after hair transplantation can be listed as follows:

  • The transplanted hair should be washed first by the specialist who performs the operation on the 3rd day after the operation.
  • It is necessary to wash the hair as recommended 1 time a day, until the 10th day with a special shampoo and lotion prescribed by the specialist.
  • After the 10thg, the hair can be washed 2 times a day.
  • You should pour the given lotion into your hands and apply it to the transplanted area with light touches. However, it should be distributed in large quantities of the area without any rubbing movement.
  • The lotion should be left for about 30 – 40 minutes to soften the crusts formed on the scalp.
  • At the end of this period, the area should be rinsed thoroughly by hand slowly with warm and non-pressurized water. At the same time, although a small amount of lotion remains on the scalp, it does not cause any problems.
  • The special shampoo recommended for washing the peel on the 10th day after hair transplantation should be foamed by hand and gently pressed to the recipient area. Then, after abundant smearing, it should be immediately rinsed with warm water. When washing the transplanted area, you should definitely avoid rubbing or scraping movementswith nails  . However, you can wash the hair follicles in the donor area by  gently pressing them.
  • After the rinsing process, the head should be dried with a soft towel without any contact with the hair. However, it is sufficient to dry especially the sides and back of the head. Or the  hair dryer should be kept remotely at low temperature.
  • On the 10th day after hair transplantation, peel shedding washing should be done by gently rubbing with circular movements.

Any crusts that remain unshed on the scalp should be washed as mentioned above. In this way, the scalp can be washed and the remaining crusts can be shed. However, during the healing process, the crusts that remain from the 10th or 15th day adversely affect the healing of the area. For this reason, you should wash the remaining crusts inthe receiving area  as recommended and let them fall off.  Peel pouring washing on the 10th day after hair transplantation is extremely important in terms of healthy formation as well as ensuring the development of the transplanted micro grafts by feeding.

Redness After Hair Transplant

How is the Crust Formation Process After Hair Transplantation?

In hair transplantation operations that offer a permanent solution to baldness problems, at least 2500-3000 grafts are transplanted. Channels are opened through special devices in the receiving region. At the same time, each graft is transplanted into the scalp one by one. Therefore, holes and wounds occur in the hair roots transplanted on the first day after the procedure. It is through these holes and channels that blood comes to the surface of the scalp. Therefore, this blood dries out by coagulation and leads to the formation of crusts.

Thefirst washing process of the area can be done after 3 days. Because in order for the transplanted hair follicles to sit and settle in place, the area should not come into contact with water for a few days. In addition, it is very important to wait for this time period so that the skin does not have infection and the wounds close. Therefore, in order for the hair follicles to hold, the process of cleaning the crusts immediately after the operation cannot be done.

After the first washing process after hair transplantation, not all crusts are completely cleaned. However, on the 10th day after hair transplantation, your shells can be completely removed with shell pouring washing and subsequent procedures. These crusts disappear after each wash. The most important point to be considered in terms of grafts after the procedure is the washing process of the hair after the operation.

In the area where the grafts are placed, crusts begin to fall out on the 8th or 10th day. This formation, which is considered a normal condition in the transplanted hair roots, is an indication that after the 10th day, the first stage of the healing process of the area has been completed. These crusts, which are a sign of regeneration of the scalp, are a simple procedure.


Things to Consider in Washing Procedures After Hair Transplantation

In the hair transplantation process performed with the latest medical technologies, the crusts that begin to form on the first day are removed on about 8 or 10 days and cleaned almost completely spontaneously. However, this situation does not happen in every person at the same time and in the same way. Because in some patients, this period can continue up to 15 days and then pass completely. Therefore, if the crusts formed within 10 days are not shed, panic should not be done. Itis recommended to wait a few more days. Then, peel pouring washing should be done on the 10th day after hair transplantation .

Especially on the 10th day after hair transplantation, shell pouring washing should be carried out completely in order to clean the remaining blood and tissue residues. In this way, you can reach healthy hair by preventing the risk of possible infection. After this aesthetic operation, the situations to be considered in hair washing procedures are as follows:

  • Creams, shampoos or sprays given by the hair transplant specialist should be applied to the recipient area as recommended.
  • Medical products should be kept for the specified time.
  • Natural shampoos that do not contain parabens and do not have regenerating properties should be used.
  • When washing the scalp, draconian hard movements should be avoided.
  • The remaining crusts on the scalp should not be scraped off with nails.
  • Hot and water cannon should not be used during peel pouring washing on the 10th day after hair transplantation.
  • Water should not come directly to the graft areas and pressure should not be applied.
  • Shampoo should first be poured into the hand and foamed. Then it should be applied to the scalp.
  • On the 15th day of the hair transplantation operation, the remaining crusting should be washed by pressing less to shed.
  • After the washing process, gentle drying should be done using soft and clean towels.
  • Hair dryers should not be used unless necessary. If it is necessary to use it, it should never be kept at high temperature and close to the hair.

Afterthe hair transplantation operation  , the hair should be used with special lotions and shampoos given by the experts. The crusts that occur in the recipient and donor area are cleaned up the sooner the better results are seen.  The point that should not be forgotten after the peel loss washing on the 10th day after hair transplantation is that the cleaner the recipient area is left, the faster and faster the healing process will be. At the same time, the operations can be done effortlessly and easily.

Nutrition After Hair Transplantation

Things to Consider Before Hair Transplantation

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