First Hair Wash After Hair Transplantation

First Hair Wash After Hair Transplantation

The transplantation process is applied to the scalp painlessly and painlessly. After this procedure performed with local anesthesia, patients can reach the desired result after a process that will last about 1 year. They can continue their social lives immediately after hair transplantation. However, after hair transplantation, some changes can be observed on the skin. These changes shouldn’t scare you. The swelling and crusting that occurs will pass over time. You can overcome this period in the most comfortable way by following the instructions that your specialist will give you after hair transplantation. One of the most curious questions is the first hair washing after hair transplantation . This detail is very important. Because care should be taken to prevent the scalp from getting infected. In our article, we have prepared the most accurate information about the process after the procedure and the first washing for you.

 First Wash After Hair Transplantation

After the operation is completed, the scalp should be kept sterile. After the hair transplantation process is over, the washing process, which is one of the most important things to be considered, is critical. At this point, it is recommended that the first washing be done in the clinical environment where the treatment is applied. However, if the necessary conditions are provided in terms of hygiene, this process can also be done in the home environment.  Hair transplantation is a treatment technique that should be acted very carefully before and after. Therefore,  the first hair washing after hair transplantation is one of the important stages of this treatment. It  is necessary to be meticulous before washing and during washing. It  is very important for patients to act in line with this sensitivity.

 Important Details for the First Hair Wash After Hair Transplantation

It is recommended to do hair washing at the end of the 3rd or 4th day following the treatment. There are many details to consider in the meantime. We have prepared these details for you in articles.

  • One of the things to be considered in the first hair washing after hair transplantation is not to damage the newly transplanted hair follicles. In fact, in general, this detail should be taken into account in all activities implemented.
  • The main purpose of the washing to be done on the skin is actually clear. Crusts occur due to the blood clot formed during that peration and the body fluid that triggers the formation of tissue in the injured area. Our aim here is to help strengthen the hair follicles by feeding them by cleaning the crusts.
  • It is necessary to be sensitive when washing and drying the hair. Rubbing or applying pressure should be avoided. Products that will irritate and damage the hair follicles should be avoided.
  • After the washing process, it should be ensured that the hair follicles dry well. It should definitely not remain wet. Drying can be done with a very soft towel or hair dryers. If the machine is to be used, the blowing speed must be kept at the lowest level. In addition, it is very important that the machine is at least 30 cm away from the scalp.

We have expressed some details about the washing process that should be considered. In addition, it is possible to indicate that this process should be treated sensitively and that the healing process proceeds quickly when the instructions are followed.

 Shampoo Selection in the First Hair Wash After Hair Transplantation

We have given some details about the washing stages after hair transplantation to the patients above. However, the details to be considered are not limited to these. Today, there are dozens of different shampoos and lotions that we all prefer for hair type. Some attract us with its smell and some with the softness it gives. However, the most important detail we have missed is that these products contain the necessary vitamins and minerals for the health of our hair. This issue is of great importance especially for people who experience discomfort in the scalp. People who have hair transplantation arealso in the first place in this case. Because it is very important that the shampoo to be used after the  transplantation process is paraben-free, natural and nutritious. At this point, there are also shampoos that will have a greater positive effect on the healing process. The amount of oil on your scalp and the damage left by hair transplantation are important. Therefore, according to the acidity of shampoos, the most appropriate shampoo  is prescribed by the doctor.   It is necessary to use these recommended shampoosby providing them in accordance with the physician’s advice.

So, how can we choose the right lotion to use? It is necessary to use lotion to remove the crusts formed after hair transplantation. Because lotions are among the more useful products for softening the shells. Before washing, lotion should be applied to the area where hair transplantation is performed and applied to the entire surface without damaging the roots. While performing this procedure, it is necessary to avoid damaging soft tissues. Rubbing and pressure movements should be avoided. It is very important to apply lotion in sufficient quantities.

The last detail to be considered in  the first hair washing after hair transplantation is the temperature and severity of the water. Because the scalpbecomes very sensitive after that peration. In order not to irritate, it is necessary to wash the  hair  with warm water without pressure.

 Washing Period After Hair Transplantation

We aimed to help with details about the first washing process after the operation. However, it is necessary to mention the frequency of washing to be applied after the first wash. The washing process is very important because of its effect on the breathing of the hair follicles and the healing process. Then, you can learn the frequency of washing to be consideredand have the chance to complete your treatment process without any problems.

3rd or 4th  stage after hair transplantation operation. You can perform the first washing process today.  It is recommended to wash hair at least 1 time a day until the first 15 days. Inthe following processes, it is necessary  to  first act on expert recommendations.

In short, the  first hair washing after hair transplantation and the subsequent 15-day period play a major role in the healing process. When the processes that follow are taken into consideration, you can observe that the correct washing has a great effect on healing.

In the normal washing process after the transplantation treatment, it is  necessary to continue to behave sensitively as the first wash. Treating the hair follicles sensitively, it is necessary to wash them gently, as if massaging them. It is important to use nourishing shampoos. You should definitely get the advice of your expert to use the most accurate shampoo and lotion.  You  should be careful in all procedures to be performed after hair transplantation, especially in the washing process. You should remember that this sensitivity is necessary to soothe the hair follicles and speed up your healing process. Staying in constant contact with your specialist throughout the process will solidify the ground for you to reach the best solution.

The termination of the  washing process after hair transplantation varies according to the physiological structure and procedure technique of the patients. In general, when observed, the hair follicles fall into place  at the end of a period of about 6-8 months. This shows that the patient’s scalp is in the process of complete normalization.

Finally, in Hair Washing After Hair Transplantation

As we mentioned above, you can also do the washing process at home by paying attention to these substances. However, since the first hair washing is very important after hair transplantation, it  will be more accurate to do it under the supervision of an expert. If patients who want to do it in the home environment should complete this process in the most accurate and knowledgeable way by following the instructions.  In this process, which requires diligence and attention, your compliance with your doctor who applies the treatment is very important. By following the instructions and prescription, you can accelerate your healing process and achieve the best result.  If you follow your expert, the result will be exactly what you want.

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