Nutrition After Hair Transplantation

Nutrition After Hair Transplantation

Even after the simplest clinical intervention, the diet changes. According to the intervention applied, the prohibited foods will generally delay the healing process of the procedure or the nutrients taken orally will adversely affect the treated area. For this reason, there are certain forms of nutrition after each procedure. In the same way, this is also true after hair transplantation procedures. Therefore, the diet after hair transplantation is an issue that patients should pay attention to in order to recover faster.

Eating and drinking habits greatly affect the speed of recovery of the person. However,  there are other reasons why the person should pay attention to their eating habits after hair transplantation. For example, the first of these is that  their smoking and alcohol addiction slows down the healing and makes the operation area  open to infection.  Considering these reasons, patients should definitely follow a nutrition program recommended by their doctors.

What Awaits Us After Hair Transplantation?

After the procedure, information is generally provided to the patients. Ultimately, hair transplantation is a process that creates some openings in the body. Various studiesare  applied to adapt the hair follicles both to the body and to the places where they are newly placed. Although these studies are carried out by experts and the team during the procedure, the patient also has a great role. Because the main issue to be considered starts in the stages after hair transplantation. Just like an operation or other surgical procedures, the controls will continue after the hair transplantation procedure. But outside of the controls,  there are steps that you need to implement yourself. The most important of these steps was the issue of nutrition. So nutrition after hair transplantation is an important issue.

Every nutrient that enters the body directly affects the newly treated area. For this reason, you need to follow the nutrition that has been created for you. Otherwise, unexpected lesions may be observed. The diet to be followed after hair transplantation is actually clearly stated. In addition, individual arrangements will be made by your doctor.

Nutrition After Hair Transplantation

It is quite normal for the body to react differently to the procedure. However, it is necessary to follow the necessary rules in order to keep these reactions under control. One of the most important stages after hair transplantation is nutrition. If this order is taken care of, both the newly transplanted hair follicles will adapt to the body faster and you will feel better. We have said that the nutritional steps after hair transplantation can be adjusted according to you. In addition, we can see the specific types of nutrition that will not change in this order as follows:

  • With the establishment of a certain order of nutrition, the blood circulation and vitamin mineral distribution will be healthier as the body will become healthier. Therefore, hair follicles are fed in a healthy way and show faster fusion. For this reason, you will need a clean and regular diet.
  • While using the vitamin and mineral supplements that your doctor has indicated to you after the hair transplantation process, you should also take these supports from the food. For this reason,we should state that it will be healthier for you to consume foods and drinks by paying attention to their
  • Even in daily life, hair loss can become a problem due to periodic or different reasons. This problem, which is seen even in healthy hair follicles, is also frequently encountered in the area where the procedure is performed. Hair loss after hair transplantation was considered normal. In addition, although hair loss is considered normal, it is foreseen that there will be a noticeable decrease in this rate according to the diet.
  • All of the hair that falls out after hair transplantation is not only hair with new roots, but also existing hair. Therefore, it is necessary to consume nutrients that will nourish both new hair follicles and existing hair In this way, the rate of loss from new hair follicles decreases significantly.
  • Itis important to eat right not only after the procedure, but also for your own hair and body health. A balanced diet in terms of vitamins and minerals can be of great benefit in the post-procedure adaptation process as well as a solution for the hair to be healthier and more permanent in the ongoing process.

Why Should We Follow the Diet After Hair Transplantation?

  • Proper and balanced nutrition also accelerates the process of cell regeneration. In this way, the newly transplanted hair follicles enter a faster recovery process. The faster the recovery, the faster you can use your hair freely.
  • Thanks to the diet, the increase in the rate of cell renewal also increases the speed of recovery. The strict follow-up you apply in the diet will make you happy with the fact that the healing process is quite short.
  • When eating regularly, you should consume few and regular meals. It is recommended that you never make the mistake of consuming too much food. If you eat too much, the body makes an extraordinary effort to digest it. Therefore, since the blood flow will be irregular, this situation does not give positive results for the hair follicles.
  • In addition to avoiding eating too much, it’s also not recommended to starve yourself. When you are hungry, blood circulation progresses irregularly and if there is not enough circulation in the hair follicles, recovery occurs very late.
  • Another important issue is the issue of smoking and alcohol. Even in our normal lives, smoking and alcohol use wear down the body considerably. After the hair transplantation process, the hair follicles cannot be fed because smoking and alcohol consumption damages the capillaries in the hair follicles. However, we know that even healthy hair falls out due to smoking and alcohol. For this reason, it is recommended to avoid these substances after planting.
  • We say diet, but we are talking about a complete order. Feeding by checking the hour and value also strengthens your hair follicles. New hair follicles that regularly get used to these eating hours and nutrient contents show rapid healing.

Vitamins andMinerals to be Used After Hair Transplantation

The vast majority of hair is made up of keratin. Since this substance is obtained from the vitamins and minerals used from the body, hair growth occurs. Just like for healthy hair growth, these vitamins and minerals are needed after hair transplantation.  Therefore, we recommend that you add foods rich in vitamins and minerals to your nutrition program after hair transplantation.

The vitamins recommended for hair nutrition have generally been found to be values in daily foods that cannot be adequately met. Therefore, it is recommended to use it as a supplement. We  can list the vitamins and minerals you will use after hair transplantation from which nutrients you can meet:

  • Vitamin A is a powerful anti-inflammatory vitamin. This vitamin has been seen in excess in foods such as milk, eggs, spinach and carrots.
  • Group B vitamins have cell-regenerating properties. This value has been seen quite a lot in foods such as red meat, wheat, melon, eggs and artichokes.
  • Vitamin C has the effect of accelerating blood circulation. It has been observed that this vitamin can be taken from foods such as strawberries, peppers, parsley, kiwi.

Daily Activities After Hair Transplantation

When you start to eat regularly after the procedure, it has been observed that doing light exercises is beneficial. Light exercises that will not force yourself and do not raise your pulse too high regulate blood flow. For this reason, it also contributes to the healing process of newly treated hair follicles. Light walks and light exercises to be careful not to sweat and not to raise your pulse will both make you feel good and contribute to recovery in the post-procedure process.

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