Why Should Hair Transplantation Be Performed by a Doctor?

Why Should Hair Transplantation Be Performed by a Doctor?

Balding, which has afflicted many people for years, can now be treated at the point where today’s medicine has come. Hair transplantation techniques, the foundations of which were laid more than half a century ago  , have become a wonder of modern medicine today.

Of course, this progress is not a coincidence. With the techniques brought by science and research, most people can now get rid of this problem. This has happened thanks to doctors who specialize in this field and gain experience.

Modern techniques are used in the operation. With these techniques, it will be a more accurate definition to call this operation hair transplantation. Therefore, the transplant process is a surgical intervention and must be performed by a doctor.

Why Does Hair Fall Out?

Although it is not a direct health problem, humanity has been dealing with hair loss for hundreds of years.  Itturns out that there can be more than one reason for hair loss. One of these reasons is genetic factors.

If hair loss in the family is hereditary, it has been found to continue for generations. Apart from this, depending on the living conditions, stress and psychological disorders have caused hair loss. In addition, exposure to chemicals, drug use, chronic diseases, hair-related disorders are listed as the main causes of hair loss.

In the past years, hair loss was considered normal because it did not cause any health problems other than aesthetics. Many people looked at balding as a fate. Because there were genetic factors as the main reason for hair loss.

These factors could not be changed and solutions to balding were sought in other ways, such as wigs. More men suffer from this problem. However, it is also seen in women too often to be underestimated. But for both sexes, balding can now be treated. The way to do this is hair transplantation in expert hands  .

What Should Be Done in Hair Loss?

Hair loss such as eyelashes, eyebrows and beard  loss, which starts in the hair on the body, is one of the conditions that can be seen today. In genetic-related cases, losses can be seen from the age of  18. Shedding, which can be seen due to many reasons, can often not be stopped.

Although there are ways to slow it down, most of the time the shedding increases with age.  In this case,  the healthiest  solution to apply is to consult a doctor.  Because spillage can also be caused by other reasons.  Physician examination is extremely important in terms of determining the root cause of spillage.

How to Get the Most Accurate Results in Hair Loss?

Since hair is a part of the  human body, it is a subject that is under the jurisdiction of specialized doctors. Getting the most accurate result is revealed only with a doctor’s examination.  It is primarily determined why the hair, which is part of the anatomy, falls out.

The treatments to be applied afterwards are determined again through expertise.  In this context, whether the hair loss will continue or not, whether  the person  is suitable  for hair transplantation is revealed after the examination and tests.

Can Everyone Have a Hair Transplant?

For hair transplantation, first of all, body development must be completed.  If the hair continues to fall out, the specialist physician may not apply.  In  cases where the development is over and the spillage  is completed, the transplant process can be performed.

With this method, the forehead and hill area opening can be completely removed.   The most important condition for hair transplantation is that the donor (donor) area is suitable.  Healthyhair follicles should be found in the e nse area.

How is Hair Transplantation Performed?

With a rapidly increasing momentum for the last 20 years, hair transplant procedures bring excellent results.  Thanks to the rapidly changing medical technologies,  it has been ensured that the transplant is healthy and natural. For this,  the priority  is in the examination of the specialist physician.

The specialist doctor first analyzes the spilled area, then examines the donor area.  In the spillage caused by the male hormone, the forehead and hill area are opened. However, the nape of the neck continues to grow in a healthy way.  Whether the person requesting  hair transplantation is suitable or not is determined only as a result of examinations.

When the examination is completed, the specialist physician determines a road map. This isan important key to restoring healthy hair.  Today, the FUE method is widely  applied.  This method is  applied perfectly using the latest technological tools but most importantlywith experience.  The method is applied roughly as follows:

The balding area and the donor area are analyzed. Channels are opened to the balding areas determined by the   physician.  Then, 3 and  4 healthy hair follicles called follicles are taken from the nape of the neck. A is transported one by one into the drilled channels. The process is  a long-lasting operation as it requires fine processing like an embroidery. For this reason, the patient is kept under local anesthesia throughout the operation.

DHI hair transplantation method, which is also a manifestation of developing technology  , has also shown itself in recent years.  Here, similar paths to the previous method are followed.  However, in this method, the channel is not opened. The follicles taken from the donor area are transplanted directly. This shortens the processing time.  Effective results are obtained in both applications.

The Importance of Naturalness in Hair Transplantation

The most important indicator of the necessity of hair transplantation  by a doctor is naturalness.  Because natural appearance is extremely important  as well as success in hair transplantation. Specialist physicians are the most important address as they receive training on this subject.

It is important that a hair looks like it is natural and looks like it has not been planted. This is only possible with doctors who have gained their expertise in this field. Experience  is the most important factor in this regard. The second is to use technology in the right way.  Specialist doctors can combine these two and  perform hair transplantation  as if it has never been shed.

Hair Transplantation is a Surgical Intervention

All the procedures mentioned above  indicate a medical process. Therefore, experienced doctors and well-equipped centers should be preferred for the procedure. In the operation, incisions are thrown into the skin, channels are opened and transplantation is performed. All these procedures are  performed under local anesthesia. This makes it difficult to perform in sterile, reliable and correct clinics.  There were no serious side effects after hair transplantation. Because the fact that the procedure is performed by the doctor means that the damages that may occur are determined in advance.

Do Not Lose Your Health for the Sake of Hair Transplantation

The development of technology, the experience of doctors, the operation  has become easily applicable.  However, this does not mean that it is not a surgical intervention.  It is one of the most demanded aesthetic operations of  our world. The excess  of hair transplantation  also causes the  opening of centers  of all qualities.

Therefore, the most important thing before planting is to conduct research.  Once the decision has been made,  the references of the clinic should be examined.  During a one-on-one interview with the physician, information should be obtained about  the methods and  risks to be applied. As a result, all information should be obtained completely for  this operation related to health. The competence of the clinic, the appropriateness of the surgical intervention departments should be questioned.

Hair Loss After Transplantation

Hair transplantation has been applied millions of times since years.  One of the natural processes of the operation should be hair loss.  In this regard, specialist physicians make the necessary warnings before planting.  A certain amount of shedding is natural in certain periods. It is necessary not to worry about this issue.

However, the person should hand himself over to the specialist physicians  in order to prevent unwanted spills after the application.  Because in this type of operation,  expertise is more important than price.  A specialist physician is aware of what he is doing with his experience.

As a result, although hair transplantation shows differences, it  requires a serious  operation just like rhinoplasty. Not only transplantation, but also follow-up and inspection processes are important.  Spills and developments in this process are checked day  by day by the  specialist physician.  Therefore, it  is of vital importance that the operation is performed by a specialist physician in a competent clinic  from the beginning to the end.


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