Hollywood Smile

Hollywood Smile

One of the most popular topics in recent years is the Hollywood smile. Celebrities are the biggest source of popularity. When we watch the red carpets, all the celebrities’ teeth are white and they have perfect teeth. Therefore, the teeth became the most noticeable focal point after the outfit. Smiles are now competing in the photos taken. Likewise, when we look at advertisements, we encounter shiny pearly teeth. We do not see people with distorted, crooked, yellowed teeth in any advertisement.Due to the introduction of technology into our lives, some changes have occurred in our social life. People have become unable to live independently of phones and social platforms. Thanks to the phones with high quality resolution, it became a necessity to take or be photographed. However, this also posed some problems. Taking selfies and sharing posts started to create addiction. The desire to be liked and the desire to be followed increased in direct proportion to these. It is very important that the photos we post on social media are beautiful. Of course, how we smile is also effective in this regard. Because of these, the external appearance of our teeth affects our lives more than we think.Who does not want to have an aesthetic smile? People who are dissatisfied with the appearance of their teeth avoid taking pictures and laughing for fear of criticism. All these problems lead the person to social anxiety. In this context, people get a Hollywood smile to have a more aesthetic tooth structure. However, we must emphasize that the Hollywood smile is not only made to make your teeth and smile more aesthetic. It is among the most frequently applied aesthetic interventions today, especially in order to solve various dental problems of people.

What is the Hollywood Smile?

It designs the most ideal smile according to the face shape of the person. As the name of the process suggests, the biggest sources of inspiration for design: Hollywood stars.

Who Gets the Hollywood Smile?

There are some rules for the Hollywood smile aesthetic. These rules can be listed as follows:• The person’s laugh line should be deep.• During smiling, the teeth of the person should appear up to the upper molars.• The shape of the upper teeth in the front should be smooth.• The filling or a different procedure that the person had previously had on their upper teeth should not appear.• The upper incisors should be more prominent and prominent than the other teeth.• The incisors at the bottom of the person should be visible while smiling.• The upper gums should be visible no more than 2 mm when smiling.• The lower and upper lip structure should be compatible.

What Problems Is The Hollywood Smile Good For?

• Deformities in teeth• Crowding in the teeth• Yellowing and staining of the tooth color• Having an asymmetrical smile• Incorrect gingival level• Maintaining gum health• Missing teeth• Having fractures and cracks on the tooth surface

How to Make a Hollywood Smile

Teeth whitening

This method is used only for people who have yellowing and stains in their teeth. No intervention is required. Teeth whitening is done in a single session. This session is a short process of approximately 60 minutes.

Composite Laminate

The materials used in this method are the same as the materials used when filling the teeth. Therefore, it is simpler than other methods.

Porcelain Laminate

Before starting this process, the dentist checks whether the tooth structure is suitable. It is not possible to make porcelain laminate in people who have the lower jaw forward, clenching the teeth, closing the upper and lower jaws at the same level, and people who have problems with crowding in the teeth.If you have one or more of these problems, you should have them treated first. Afterwards, you can have a porcelain laminate procedure. If the arrangement and shape of the teeth are suitable, only the whitening process is applied. However, otherwise, a wear of 0.3-0.7 mm is made on the front surfaces of the tooth. Then porcelain tooth lamina is adhered. Processing time ranges from about 7 to 10 days.The aim with porcelain lamina is to create an aesthetic appearance without disturbing the natural structure of the tooth. Factors that cause changes in tooth color, such as tea, coffee and cigarettes, do not change color after this procedure. It is resistant to abrasion.

Ceramic coating

Ceramic coatings are the method used to hide unaesthetic defects. They are thick cover structures that go in front of the teeth. Porcelain veneers require an enamel coating. An abrasion of about 5 mm is made for the place to be coated. It gives a result close to the natural tooth due to its light transmittance feature. There is less wear on the tooth compared to other veneers.

Orthodontic Treatment

It is a method used for teeth that more crowded than normal. Its purpose is to correct the disorders in the alignment of the teeth. To fix this problem, braces are attached to the teeth. This process varies depending on the person’s tooth structure. It is a treatment that usually lasts 1.5-2 years. But as we said, this period may be shortened or extended.

Implant Treatment

These are procedures performed by gingival surgery. If there are missing teeth that cause a bad appearance in the aesthetics of the tooth, they are corrected with implant treatment.

Zirconium Supported Coating

Zirconium supported veneer is a method used when there are broken or missing anterior teeth and large fillings. With this method, you will get pearly white and natural looking teeth.

Dental Care After Aesthetics

You can continue the care you do in your daily life. You don’t need to do anything else.You should definitely use dental floss for dental care. You should also go to the dentist every 6 months for a checkup.Lamina porcelain veneers are more fragile and more sensitive than natural tooth structure. For this, you should stay away from hard foods. In addition, if you have habits such as pen biting and nail biting, you should stop these habits.

Benefits of Hollywood Smile

The beautiful appearance of the teeth allows the person to create a confident smile. When people are in conversation with you, the first thing that catches their attention is your tooth structure and your smile. Having a pleasant smile makes you one step ahead in your business life, in your daily life, and in your communication with people. In addition, there is no harm to the health of the Hollywood smile aesthetic.The benefits of the Hollywood smile are as follows;• Thanks to the Hollywood smile, your teeth will now have a symmetrical and aesthetic appearance.• You will get rid of the problems you experience in your teeth and gums after this procedure and you will reach a healthy structure.• The most ideal design will be made for your face. You will get a more energetic brighter look after this design.• You will have a perfect smile. Therefore, the self-confidence problem you had before will be replaced by a self-confident person.You will now have the Hollywood smile you watched on the red carpet with admiration. Accordingly, we can say that this process creates a feeling of 100% satisfaction in people.

Hollywood Smile Dentistry Prices

Prices vary from person to person. Of course, one of the most important factors affecting the price is which treatment method will be applied. Another issue is the materials to be used during the treatment and the quality of these materials. After you have been examined by the dentist, your doctor will determine the price for you.Now you can laugh freely without shame, without covering your mouth. In short, what you need to do for this is to go to Istanbul, Dr. To meet our Can Aesthetic dental team. Our dentist will design the teeth that suits you best. If there is a design you want, tell our doctor about it. With today’s technological equipment, it is very simple to get the tooth of your dreams. In short, do not deprive yourself of a smile. Laugh and laugh to the fullest while taking selfies or with your friends. No one will judge you for your appearance. On the contrary, everyone will like and compliment very much. Get ready for all this.


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Hollywood Smile

Hollywood Smile One of the most popular topics in recent years is the Hollywood smile. Celebrities are the biggest source of popularity. When we watch

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