How Can You Avoid Illegal Hair Transplants?

How Can You Avoid Illegal Hair Transplants?

What do we need to know about this subject?

Hair transplants that are done illegally create great problems for people. In today’s world, aesthetic anxiety is increasing day by day. This situation also affects those who struggle with conditions such as hair loss. That’s why people who face hair problems such as hair loss decide to have a hair transplant. However, it is necessary to take careful steps in this regard. Wrong choices made can leave you with a big problems. Therefore, the most important point you should pay attention to is to do a large-scale research before getting your hair transplantation.

Hair transplant centers and doctors should be researched as well as researching what hair transplant is. You should not immediately trust everyone around you in this regard. Because you may be exposed to misdirections. This causes very serious problems. For example, you may encounter illegal hair transplantation methods without even realizing it. So, what are the wrong treatments and illegal situations?

How to Spot the Wrong Hair Transplant Treatment?

You may have been treated incorrectly by illegal treatment centers or by people who are not doctors. However, there are many situations for you to understand the consequences of this situation. These situations are as follows:

  • If you are faced with straight hair, it is most likely that the degree of inclination in the grooving process was not adjusted well during the hair transplantation treatment.
  • As a wrong treatment method; The process is set far behind the forehead line.
  • The donor area has been diluted too much. In addition, root removal from areas that are not needed indicates the wrong treatment.
  • After the wrong treatment in the FUT technique, you are exposed to permanent scars in the nape area.
  • After hair transplantation with the wrong method, the hair grows in an inconsistent manner. If the hair strands are directed in different directions, a messy image occurs.
  • Irregular transplantation of hair follicles during hair transplantation is the most wrong method. As a result, your hair will look bad.

These negative situations are certain situations that you may encounter after illegal hair transplantation.

 Negative Consequences of Illegal Hair Transplantation Treatment

 Improper treatments have negative consequences. You may be exposed to this situation because of hair transplant centers and unlicensed companies that are not experts in their fields. That’s why you need to be very careful about this situation. So, what situations do these wrong treatments expose you to?

  • Edema: Edema is a normal phenomenon and is normally covered. It disappears painlessly in 3-4 days. But it can get serious because of your doctor’s wrong treatment. Excessive doses of anesthetic drugs or using the wrong amount of drug on the planting area also trigger edema formation.
  • Scar Formation in the Donor Area: One of the results of illegal hair transplantation is scar formation. As a result of an incorrect treatment, you may encounter lines in your hair that you do not want to see.
  • Epidermal Cyst Formation: There is a low probability of cyst formation in places where hair transplantation is done normally. However, as a result of wrong treatments, these cysts can reach 2-3 mm in diameter.
  • Bleeding: As a result of the wrong treatment of the doctor, you may face a risk of bleeding more than normal. Bleeding, which is a serious problem, can affect your health badly.

If you don’t do enough research, you may be exposed to one or more of these situations. There is a possibility that worse situations may arise as a result of illegal hair transplantation. That’s why you need to be very careful with the doctor and the hair transplant center. A mistake to be made can cause major problems in terms of both aesthetic appearance and health.

 How to Avoid Illegal Treatment Methods?

 Today, many centers for hair transplantation are opened and in some cases it is not understood whether these centers are legal or not. That’s why you need to research these conditions carefully before getting treatment. There are certain situations for this. You can avoid serious problems by following these situations carefully. You can avoid illegal methods by:

  • You need to check the adequacy status of the hair transplant center. When you understand whether you have the necessary equipment and technology, you can make your choice.
  • Ask about the experience and education level of the doctor who will perform the procedure.
  • Avoid the advice of people who do not have any knowledge and equipment.
  • Stay away from workplaces under the name of a clinic that performs hair transplant under the stairs.
  • Do not prefer physicians who have negligent behaviors before and after the procedures.

You can take precautions about illegal hair transplants by avoiding such situations and questioning them. This seemingly simple the institutions will keep you away from very serious problems.

  • You should inquire whether there is a TÜRSAB certificate and an International Health Tourism Authorization Certificate in the place where you intend to be treated. You should avoid being treated in places that do not have these documents.

 Who is not treated with Hair Transplantation?

 There are some cases where hair transplantation treatment cannot be applied. In these cases, if you went to a professional center and a doctor with the necessary equipment, he or she will tell you that you are not suitable for this treatment. However, if you have the following conditions, you should stay away from the centers that want to treat you. Conditions that prevent hair transplantation are as follows:

  • Persons under the age of 18,
  • Type 1 and type 2 diabetes patients with untreated blood sugar levels,
  • Hypertension patients with irregular blood pressure values ​​that are not under treatment,
  • Patients with irregular thyroid values ​​who are not under treatment,
  • Those who have sparse or no hair in the area where tissue will be taken from the neck of the person,

It is not suitable for hair transplantation. People with such conditions should stay away from hair transplant treatment. However, in the treatment of illegal hair transplantation, none of these conditions is taken into consideration. You should stay away from hair transplant centers that do not have a legal license (TÜRSAB) and certificate (International health tourism authorization certificate) and places that claim to be able to provide this treatment even though there is no doctor.

 Loss of Transplanted Hair After Hair Transplant Treatment

 You may experience hair loss within 1.5 months after leaving the new hair transplant treatment. But there is nothing to be afraid of here. This is called the shock shedding phase. This indicates that your hair follicles have completed their growth cycle. There is a definite possibility that you will face this situation. However, your hair will come out in 3 months. You can be sure that your hair, which has entered the shock shedding phase, will grow again. However, when you are exposed to the wrong treatment, you can face bad results. After hair transplantation with the wrong treatment, the grafts transplanted into your hair may not hold, and they may fall out because they are not placed at the correct depth through the opened channel. Hair will not grow back from these areas. This situation, which is frequently encountered with illegal hair transplantation, causes really bad results. Therefore, it is the best way to start this treatment with a specialist doctor and a well-equipped center.

Is Hair Transplantation a Medical Treatment?

Hair transplant treatment is a medical treatment. Since hair transplantation is perceived as an aesthetic treatment, it can be thought that it can be done in beauty centers in people’s minds by simplifying it. However, this is a huge mistake. Improperly applied hair transplant treatment causes very serious health problems. Therefore, you need to be extremely careful with the center and doctor you will be treated by. It also creates a big problem for you in terms of aesthetics. You may encounter aesthetic problems such as not transplanting your hair frequently, growing in an irregular direction, or gaping areas, as well as heart attacks and various infections and necrosis. Hair transplantation done illegally is the main reason for these situations. That’s why you need to make careful choices to avoid any of these situation.

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